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Communications 12 Self Paced: Unit Three


Communications 12 Unit 3


1.       Plot: Print the selection, Plot, read it carefully and make notes on the main ideas.


2.     Thank You, M’am: Get a copy ofThank You, M’am (available at lab only). Practice using the active reader marks as you read the story.


3.     Thank You, M’am: Watch this short movie clip of Thank You, M’am.

In a short paragraph, write three reactions you had to the movie. 


4.     Thank You, M’am: Answer Questions #1-8 at the end of the story. Remember to follow the guidelines outlined in Unit 1 and 2 for your answers. (Marks will be deducted for not following the guidelines.) Hand in your work.


5.     Description: Evergreen: Chapter 7

Print the Sensory Vocabulary list and use it as a reference to help expand your vocabulary when you write.

Print the Rest of the Instructions for Unit 3