Pearson Adult Learning Centre
  Communications 12 Self Paced: Unit Four


Communications 12 Unit 4


1.       Theme:  Print out the selection, Theme, read it carefully and make notes on the main ideas.


2.     Vocabulary: Print The Sniper Vocabulary Part 1 and complete the exercise.


3.     The Sniper: Print and read The Sniper (available at the lab).  Continue to practice using the active reader marks as you read the story.


4.      Vocabulary: Print The Sniper Vocabulary Part 2 and complete the exercise.


5.     The Sniper: Answer Questions #1-7 at the end of the story. Remember to follow the guidelines outlined in Unit 1 and 2 for your answers. (Marks will be deducted for not following the guidelines.) Hand in your work.


8. Novel Paper 2 

Print Novel Paper 2 and complete the assignment.

Hand in Paper 2 and the assigned descriptive paragraph. Continue reading your novel.


Print the Rest of the Instructions for Unit 4