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Advanced Composition: Using Infinitives as Nouns and Adjectives
This week, learn and practice writing with infinitives in two useful ways.  October 31
English 10: Guided Revision
Follow the teacher's instructions to learn how to revise your writing more effectively.  October 31
Teacher Writing:
"Following John"
Demonstration of description of a person through their actions. Done for Advanced Composition class held October 26. October 29
Helen's Class Page
Full information and links to some interesting Web sites, including quizzes! October 28
The New Scientist: The Physical World

Interesting answers to simple questions of physics. For any lover of science. Our Featured Internet site this week. October 28

Social Studies 11:
New links to Canadian Government
Visit the Research Paper Links for a new page of information on Canadian government structure. Also at Socials Studies 10 October 23
Advanced Composition:
Describing a Person through Action
This week, using action to describe the character of a person we know well. Come prepared to write a longer paragraph. October 23
Weekly Feature:
The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict 
This week, Jennifer, writes on history in the making. She gives a brief background and then links to Canadian world news sources for more information. October 21
English 10: Matching Quiz on "The Trout"
Find out how well you've learned the vocabulary for the story. October 20
Level 3 Social Studies: Quiz on British Columbia Reading
How well do you know your home province? Take this quiz and find out! October 20
English 10: Worksheet on Writing a Point of View
For the class to be held on October 25.  October 19
Advanced Composition: Demonstration of Essay Revision
This essay includes a standard, five-paragraph structure. Each of the three body paragraphs are shown in two versions. Teacher comments included.  October 16
Quiz on Weather Prepositions

Fill-in-the-gap quiz. (Louise) October 15
Vocabulary Quiz:
New Quiz on The Ghostway
Fill-in-the-gap quiz. (Louise) October 14
Advanced Composition:
October 12 Class
Worksheet includes three ways to revise an essay. Live demonstration in class. October 10
Weekly Feature:
The Death of Pierre Elliott Trudeau 
Find out more about our most influential prime minister. (Patricia) October 7
Two Quizzes:
 The Ghostway Vocabulary; Location Prepositions
Matching exercise for vocabulary in The Ghostway (Communications 12) and a fill in the gap quiz on location prepositions. (Louise) October 7
Tazim's Science 10:
El Nino Resources
Preview these Internet resources for your class next week. October 7
Quiz on Poetry:
 Sound and More
Fifteen question multiple-choice quiz on sound devices in Poetry.  October 6
Quiz on Canadian Thanksgiving 
Five question multiple-choice quiz on Canadian Thanksgiving.  October 5
English 10:
Class Notes on Poetry
Organized as a dictionary of important terms. Examples of rhyme, metaphor, and more. October 5
GED English 4A-B: New Class Page
Results of brainstorm on the English paragraph. Links for the October 3 class. September 29
Advanced Composition Worksheet:
Writing the Essay (Live)
This week the teacher will demonstrate the composition of a full essay live on the screen. Come to watch composition in action! October 3
Advanced Composition:
Smells of Summer (Teacher Writing)
"Smells of Summer" is a sample standard paragraph that concentrates on communicating memory through the sense of smell. September 29
Weekly Feature:
The English and Math Mazes 
Visit our English and Math Mazes. Find your path to adult graduation.  (Carey) October 2
Quiz on Time Prepositions 
Louise brings us a challenging fill-in-the-blank quiz on prepositions.  October 1
Advanced Composition Worksheet:
Remembering Smells
For September 28 class. Using smell to unlock memory. Descriptive writing practice. September 19
Vocabulary Quiz:
SS/Sci/Math Level 3
Try this 15 question quiz. Any student can do the quiz for practice. September 24
Patricia's Level 3 Grammar:
Sample Sentences (Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homonyms)
Lots of samples to help you learn these common pairs. September 23
English 10:
Teacher Writing Sample
The teacher's response to a writing assessment topic on his favourite autumn activity. September 21

Pat's Class Page;  Louise's Class Page; Patricia's Class Page; Tazim's Class Page; Brad's Class Page; Cheryl's Class Page: Information on Fall Classes
Details on classes and subjects of study this term. September 18




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