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  What's New (June to September Archive for 2004)

The pages that follow were posted from June through September, 2004.

New Quiz (Louise): Brochures and Advertisements (LitComp 4)
A quiz to help you with new vocabulary from your Pre-GED reading. September 16

Literature and Composition 4 (Brad; Fridays): Class Introduction
An introduction for new students of this level. Note that a textbook is required and is available for purchase in Room 184.  September 14

Job and Career Page (Elaine; Counsellor): New Resource: Drive a Bus
Elaine has added a new resource for students who are interested in considering a career in the transportation industry. September 13

Advanced Composition (Brad; Thursday Evening):
The Three Most Important Rules of Writing
Weekly assignment for evening Advanced Composition students for September 16 class.  September 13

English 10 (Brad; Wednesday Day): By Way of Introduction (Assignment)
Weekly assignment for daytime English 10 students for September 15 class.  September 13

English 10 (Brad; Wednesday Day): Course Outline
Outline of areas of study and expectations for English 10 students.  September 13

Literature and Composition 4 (Louise; Thursday): Class Assignment
Louise provides you with current class information and a link to her class assignments if you've missed the class.  September 12

Communications 12 (Louise; Daytime Class): Class Assignment
Louise provides you with current class information and a link to her class assignments if you've missed the class.  September 11

Social Studies 5/10 (Louise; Evening Class): Class Assignment
Louise provides you with current class information and a link to her class handout if you've missed the class.  September 11

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Back to School
Tazim points out useful information at the B.C. Ministry of Education for adult students. September 11

Weekly Feature (Paul): The City of Richmond (B.C., Canada)
Paul gives us lots of interesting information on the city, home to our airport and more.  August 29

Weekly Feature (Patricia): The Triathlon
Patricia gives us a lively account of this interesting Olympic sport. Competition is on August 25 and 26.  August 21

Student Writing
: Advice to New Students of the PALC
Lucky gives some straightforward and useful advice to new students. August 17

Writing Tip (Brad): Student Examples: Character Description

Students discussed the use of indirect description in class this week. Here are some good examples to follow, each one with a detailed commentary from the teacher and the class. 
August 14

Weekly Feature (Pat): The Olympic Games: Athens 2004
Pat fill us in on some Olympic history and points us to the best Internet sites for the current games.  August 14

Weekly Feature (Louise): "Here's Looking at You, Kid" Useful Idioms
Louise defines and gives examples for common idioms using the word, "look." Includes a quiz to to do a self test.  August 7

Writing Tip on Punctuation (Brad):
Student Responses to Lynne Truss
Lynne Truss says, “Proper punctuation is both the sign and the cause of clear thinking.” What does she mean, exactly? Here are some student responses
August 3

Student Writing: Hanging Up the Clothes
Meiling is in for a surprise when she hangs out her laundry for the first time in Vancouver, Canada! August 2

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Earthquake Preparedness
Tazim notes the two recent quakes in B.C. and provides timely emergency information. July 31

Weekly Feature (Helen): Roll Up Your Sleeves Canada
Helen reminds us all of the critical importance of donating blood to others, especially in the summer. July 18

Student Writing: Smells of the Sun
Xe Jiao writes beautifully on the many pleasures of the sun and its power to change the way things smell in a short paragraph.  July 13

New Quizzes (Louise): Science Level 4 (Ecology)
Three new quizzes to help you with your summer Ecology unit. July 11

New Quiz (Louise): Current Events Matching Quiz
A quiz to help you with new vocabulary on Vancouver rapid transit. July 11

Weekly Feature (Dina): Summer Safety
Dina fills us in on important tips for staying safe while enjoying summer activities. July 11

Current Events (Louise): Links for July 13 Class  
Links to information for next week's class. July 10

ALL STUDENTS: Monthly Events for Fall 2004
Note important dates for the upcoming fall semester. July 6

Job and Career Page (Elaine): New Resource: Salary Expert
Elaine has added a new resource for students who are interested in knowing the pay levels of different careers. July 4

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Forest Fires 2004
Cheryl outlines the dangers of a very dangerous fire season in British Columbia this year. Find out how to prevent fires and enjoy the forest safely this summer. July 4

Weekly Feature (Brad): Canada Day 2004
Brad fills us in on Canada Day, celebrated on Thursday, July 1. June 26

Student Writing: How to Reduce Stress
Ritsuko writes a well-organized and effective essay on reducing stress in one's life. June 24

Weekly Feature (Pat): Summer Solstice 2004
Pat fills us in on the longest day of our year: the Summer Solstice. June 20

Writing Tip for Poetry (Brad): A Paradox from Wislawa Szymborska
Students of poetry may find the excerpt interesting. A fine example of paradox.  June 7

All Students: Recognition Day and Evening  
Everyone is invited to our Recognition Day Ceremonies.  June 5

Weekly Feature (Helen): Canada's Federal Elections
Information on Canada's Federal Elections, to be held on June 28. June 5

New Quizzes (Helen): Two Federal Elections Vocabulary Matching Quizzes
Two new matching quizzes based on Helen's Weekly Feature. June 5

Communications 12 (Louise's Afternoon Class): June 9 Assignment
Weekly assignment for your class. June 5

ALL STUDENTS: Certificate Tests Resource Page  
Are you on a break before writing your certificate test? Use this page to prepare yourself well. Sample topics: How to Survive the Certificate Tests; Essay Writing Tips; Writing Topic Sentences; Sample Essays and more. June 1

Communications 12 (Louise's Afternoon Class): June 2 Assignment
Weekly assignment for your class. May 31

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Adjectives and Adverbs
Spice up your writing with this feature from Tazim. Includes a link to more information for further study. May 29

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