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  What's New (January to June 2006)

The pages that follow were posted from January 2006 to June 2006

Weekly Feature (Tazim)
: Anyone for Ice Cream? An Update
Tazim's feature updates Paul's from last year with a tasty ice cream suggestion in Vancouver. June 24, 2007

Course Information: Principles of Mathematics 12
Chapter by chapter information for students taking our self-paced Principles of Mathematics 12. June 24, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
The Virtue of Simplicity
Brad's tip refers to advice taken from William Zinsser's famous book, On Writing Well. June 19, 2007

Weekly Feature (Rick)
: Sample Persuasive Essay
Rick's feature takes the form of a persuasive essay/movie review on the recent release, "Fantastic Four." June 18, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Hiromi): Black Towers Over There?
This is the truth: a highrise is ugly. It’s like a cardboard box stuck in the ground. June 11, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Ritsuko): Simple Salsa and Guacamole
My family and friends are addicted to this appetizer. “Fresh and healthy!” they say. June 11, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Rosaria): The Warmhearted Science Teacher: Tazim
She always starts her classes the same way: “Now students . . .” As a student, especially a newcomer, her careful enunciation was a blessing. June 11, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Improve Your Writing: Use Colons!
Brad's tip points out some valuable uses of the colon: as an indicator of what's to come and also for giving emphasis. June 10, 2007

Weekly Feature (Paul)
: The Writing Process
Paul's feature gives a complete overview of the writing process. Includes a quiz to test yourself and other valuable online links to help you prepare for the upcoming tests. June 10, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad): Avoid Fancy Words!
Brad's tip suggests that you follow the advice of the great writing text, The Elements of Style.  June 5, 2007

Weekly Feature (Patricia)
: Getting Ready for the Certificate Tests
Patricia's feature gives a complete overview of the upcoming tests written by English 4 through 10 students. Includes links to many resources to help you get ready! June 3, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Helena):
Yuan Tong: A Chinese Taoist Monk
When speaking, his voice is crystal-like clear and wind-like subtle; this voice penetrates into your heart and heals your inner world. June 3, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Olivia): A Noble Doctor?
I don’t like seeing my dentist, but now I had to. The appointment is a big problem—he’s never been on time—and today was worse. June 3, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Rosaria): Green Onion and Seafood Pancakes
Looking for a recipe for a rainy day? Look no further! June 3, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Catherine): Is a Flood Coming?
Some people think so. See a picture taken at New Westminster Quay on May 31 for proof! June 3, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Persuasion or Propaganda?
Brad's tip helps you to distinguish between persuasion and propaganda.  May 28, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Ritsuko): An Active Canadian Teacher: Helen
Active at the ALC and in Brazil, Helen also loves to play tennis!  May 28, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Hiromi): Letter to a Young Man Who Went the Distance
It was a rainy Saturday afternoon two years ago. Metrotown was crowded as usual, and the Real Canadian Superstore was even more horrific . . . May 28, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Michelle): Learning from Mice: Giving Myself Confidence
Mice often scare me. I usually run away screaming when I see a mouse. May 28, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (James): A Philosophy of Romance
Romance is often a mystery, but in its pursuit you can find joy and make great memories. May 28, 2007

Weekly Feature (Pat)
: Lynn Canyon Park
Pat's feature highlights the many delights to be found in North Vancouver's Lynn Canyon Park. May 27, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Repeat Yourself!
Brad's tip demonstrates the special power of repetition.  May 21, 2007

ALL STUDENTS: Summer Program
Registration information for our Summer Program, beginning in July. Students study English only during daily summer classes. May 20, 2007

Weekly Feature (Louise)
: Victoria Day
Louise's feature outlines the history of the Victoria Day holiday and includes links to local events and celebrations. May 20, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Stacey): Parenting After a Separation
Separated, now what? May 20, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Suzanne): From Forbidden Paradise to Public Resort
I realized that powerful prosperity only exists for a short period. Here's why. May 20, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Natalia): Summer Outdoor Music Festivals in Vancouver
Summer is nearly at the door. As the sun appears more often, even the most dedicated music lovers find it difficult to attend concert halls. May 20, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Ruth): Eternal Romantic Movements by Schumann
A symphony under the stars at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. May 20, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Brad): On Editing
Do you have a first draft to work on? Try Brad's method for writing the second draft. May 19, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
An Especially Good Special Tip
Brad's tip explains and demonstrates the difference between "especially" and "special."  May 14, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Catherine): A Brand New Totem Pole
A brand new totem pole will be erected in the yard of New Westminster Secondary School on May 28, 2007.  May 14, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Larry): My Son Jerry
I had never thought I would have a hamster as a pet until one day my daughter, Cecilia, brought Jerry home. May 13, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Yang): We'll Go to Hell Together
Does religion have a place in a staff lunchroom? May 13, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Ritsuko): Dina: An All-Round Teacher
Trouble in Math? Then ask Dina at the lab for a solution! May 13, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Hiromi): The Road to the Passport Office
The passport office has been busy, I'd heard. Today I tried it myself. This is how it went on Friday May 4th, 2007. May 13, 2007

Weekly Feature (L)
: Adult Graduation Choices (and the Costs of Keeping Your Options Open)
L's feature gives a thorough overview of all graduation options, including GED, Adult Dogwood and Regular Dogwood. May 13, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad): Preparing for an In-Class Essay Test
Brad's tip reflects on his recent experiences helping students to prepare for an in-class essay test.  May 7, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Helena): The Backyard of China
Smooth like silk, soft like spring water, slow like clouds in the mountain, Kunming has no other seasons, only spring. May 7, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Ritsuko): To Enjoy a Party
Indecision can lead to misunderstandings. Here are some valuable tips for enjoying any party. May 6, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Stacey): Hungarian Letcho
Spicy or mild, this sausage or chicken recipe will have the whole family clamouring for supper. May 6, 2007

Weekly Feature (Helen)
: What Can I Do to Save the Earth?
Helen's feature gives us practical tips and a wealth of Web links to help everyone contribute to helping save the earth. May 6, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Olivia): What For "Monster" Mom?
Can mom become a monster even with good intention sometimes? May 6, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Tatyana): Russian Submarines: In Vancouver?
Yes, built right behind Burnaby Mountain! May 6, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Catherine): Do As the Romans Do
Should you call your teacher, "teacher"? May 6, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Joy): What are They?
I never dreamed that green bean cakes could be mistaken for soap. May 6, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Hao): Tuning the Soul
The man behind the stage curtain. May 6, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad): Pants Loose? Good! Don't Lose Them
Brad's tip looks at the commonly confused pair of words, "lose" and "loose."  April 29, 2007

Weekly Feature (Dina)
: Emergency Preparedness Week
Dina's feature reminds us to be prepared for an emergency where we need to supply our own needs for up to 72 hours. April 29, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Harjit): Staying on the Road
It can cost over $120.00 to fill an SUV. What to do? April 29, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Yi): Cheesecake: A Sweety for Your Sweetheart
Wanna give your sweetheart a big surprise? Then make a lovely cheese cake! April 28, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Suzanne): Yoga Saved My Life
Yoga saved my life and it has since become my career. It has given me good health, confidence in life and energy. April 28, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Hiromi): The Elements of Style
This little book is my bible. It taught me how to write in English. April 23, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Rosaria): A Rant about Showing Off
At my alumni reunion a lady who sat across from me got on my nerves. April 23, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Stacey): A Word about Virginia Tech
I’m disgusted, disheartened, disillusioned and dumbfounded. April 23, 2007

Weekly Feature (Cheryl)
: Our Earth
Cheryl's feature reminds us of the awesome power of the earth, focusing on a nearby volcano, Mount Baker. April 22, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Easily Confused Spellings
Brad's tip looks at a number of commonly confused words and examines the effect of getting them wrong.  April 22, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Stacey): Parmesan Crusted Veggies
A nutritious and tasty alternative to French fries. Enjoy the same crispy, crunchy texture of fries with these delicious vegetables. April 22, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Don't Flaunt that Rule!
Brad's tip identifies two easily confused words: flaunt and flout.  April 15, 2007

Weekly Feature (Brad)
: Teaching the "Write" Way (Update)
Brad's feature updates us on the progress made by the Writing 12 students this term. April 15, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Catherine): The Wall
I hardly ever saw a wall in Vancouver on my first day in Canada. It really surprised me! April 15, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Larry): Learning from Cats (Part 2)
Are cats the smartest creatures?  April 15, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Hiromi): The Day You Cannot Win
One out of two bank machines was out of order. Sound familiar? April 15, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Ritsuko): The Mystical Gemstone: Turquoise
What do you associate with the name turquoise? April 15, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Hiromi): Rick: Surprising Family Man
The first in a series of teacher profiles. April 15, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Natalia): For Body and Soul
If you need to feed both body and soul, go to Java Jazz Café in New Westminster and you will be nourished. April 15, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Rosaria): Bulgogi: Marinated Korean Beef
If you are a meat lover and also concerned about your health, here is the perfect dish for you. Enjoy Bulgogi, marinated beef with diverse vegetables. April 15, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Brad): Writing is Hard
As hard as anything students have ever done before. April 9, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
An Everyday Day Every Day
Brad's tip identifies a "most abused word," "everyday" used as an adjective and its counterpart, "every day," used as an adverb.  April 8, 2007

Weekly Feature (Trudi)
: Earth Day and Week 2007
Trudi's feature reminds us to participate in this ever more important event! April 8, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Ritsuko): A Favourite Pastime for Tokyoites: Healing at Hot Springs
Relaxation at a hot springs delights the Japanese people—It gives them some peaceful moments and encourages their healthy life. April 7, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (James): The Canucks at Home
James's article gives us a full accounting of the Canuck's activities both on the ice and off. April 7, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Oh You Shouldn't Of!
Brad's tip identifies a common mistake in writing that originates in spoken English and marks the writer as less than competent.  April 3, 2007

: Introducing The Pearson Buzz (online student newspaper)
Students from the Writing 12 class invite everyone to view their online newspaper, The Pearson Buzz. The first issue includes articles on raising children, on cultural differences, on finding a good book to read and many more. April 1, 2007

Weekly Feature (Helen)
: My Mother's Chocolate Chip Cookies
Helen's feature gives us some family background and, best of all, a chocolate chip cookie recipe to try! April 1, 2007

Weekly Feature (Rick)
: Science in the Kitchen
Rick's feature outlines his scientific approach to the contents of his refrigerator. March 25, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Are You Perfect? Present Perfect!
Brad's tip explains the importance of correct use of this tense. Includes links to a worksheet and explanation online.  March 25, 2007

Weekly Feature (Paul)
: Spelling in English
Paul's feature gives a wealth of detail and resources to help you become a better speller. Includes multiple links to quizzes and other Web resources. March 18, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Editing: On Screen or Paper?
Brad's tip argues for a paper edit of all your writing as computer screen editing often leads us to avoidable errors in our work.  March 13, 2007

Weekly Feature (Patricia)
: Writing a Descriptive Paragraph
Patricia's feature demonstrates writing a descriptive paragraph. Includes photos taken at New Westminster Quay. March 11, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Short Sentences Create Suspense
Brad's tip quotes Roy Peter Clark from his column, Writing Tools, where he explains and demonstrates how to make the short sentence work to create suspense.  March 5, 2007

Student Writing
: Protecting the Environment

Branko's essay makes a clear argument for environmental protection.  March 4, 2007

Weekly Feature (Pat)
: Daylight Saving Time
Pat's feature fills us in on the upcoming time change, coming a full month earlier this year! Includes full information on why we change our clocks. March 4, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Be Wary of the Exclamation Mark!
Brad's tip quotes Lynne Truss's strong opinions on the use of the exclamation mark. Includes some rules and examples of how to use the mark correctly in your writing.  February 27, 2007

Weekly Feature (Louise)
: Canada's Provinces and Capital Cities
Louise's feature will help Social Studies students to memorize the names of our provinces and capitals. Includes links to three quizzes. February 25, 2007
Louise's class information includes homework and assignments for the week.  February 25, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
The Effect of Affect
Brad's tip teaches the difference between these two words. Includes sample sentences.  February 20, 2007

Weekly Feature (L)
: Overweight in Vancouver
L's feature outlines his plan to lose some weight. Includes a vocabulary exercise for practice. February 18, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
The Problem with "Always"
Brad's tip warns about the word "always," quoting from the useful writing text, The Process of Composition by Joy Reid.  February 13, 2007

Course Information:
Principles of Math 11
Trudi's class information includes full details for students wishing to take this course.  February 13, 2007

Weekly Feature (Tazim)
: Canada's New Food Guide
Tazim draws our attention to the recent update to Canada's Food Guide and provides links to help you choose better foods for a healthier life. February 11, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Not "To Be": Avoiding "Is"
Brad's tip warns writers about weak "to be" constructions and links to three excellent online resources to help you get an excessive use of "is" out of your writing. February 6, 2007

Teacher Writing (Essay)
: A Ray of Light in the Gem: How I Write (Second and Third Drafts)
Students are required to redraft and revise their essays multiple times. Read Brad's second and third draft.  February 5, 2007

Weekly Feature (Dina): Valentine's Day
Dina's feature gives detailed information on the origins and meaning of this day for lovers.  February 4, 2007

Teacher Writing (Essay)
: Why I Write (Fourth Draft)
Students are required to redraft and revise their essays multiple times. Read Brad's fourth draft, which is 40 words shorter than the third.  January 29, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad):
Some Cautions on the Thesaurus
Brad's tip argues that a thesaurus can lead a writer astray as easily as it helps in finding just the right word. January 29, 2007

Weekly Feature (Cheryl)
: Groundhog Day
Cheryl's feature gives us the origins of this week's special day. Do you know what happens if the groundhog sees its shadow? January 28, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Sentence Fragments Sometimes
Brad's tip discusses the occasions when a sentence fragment may be appropriate in your writing. January 21, 2007

Student Writing
: Everybody Loves Raymond

Victoria's essay explains the popularity of this national TV show.  January 21, 2007

Weekly Feature (Brad)
: Grade 11 and 12 Courses for February to June 2007
Brad's feature gives information on Grade 11 and 12 courses available in the spring semester. January 21, 2007

Weekly Feature (Trudi)
: Family Literacy Day
Trudi's feature gives us a wealth of detail on important steps you can take to ensure your family has a high level of literacy. January 14, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Adverbs Necessary? Not Always!
Brad's tip discusses how an overuse of adverbs can cause harm to your prose. Includes a link to a great Web resource. January 14, 2007

Weekly Feature (Tazim): The Heart and Stroke Foundation
Tazim's feature points us to a wealth of timely health information to keep ourselves healthy in the New Year. January 6, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad): Understanding Point of View
Brad's tip discusses the difficulties of understanding how point of view affects a piece of writing. Includes a link to a great Web resource. January 2, 2007

Student Writing: A Single Wife

Catherine's short story, "A Single Wife," explores the lives of immigrant women in Vancouver.  December 24, 2006

Weekly Feature (Paul)
: Understanding English Words
Paul's feature gives a four-step approach to understanding new English vocabulary. Links to quizzes and other excellent resources. December 24, 2006

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Vivid Verbs
Patricia's feature, originally published in November 2004, is one of the top ten pages at the PALC Web site. Links to two challenging quizzes and a worksheet. December 17, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad):
Learn from the Greeks: Onomatopoeia
Brad's tip lists some interesting "sound-alike" words you can use to improve your writing. December 16, 2006

English 11 and 12:
Poetry Links
Links to poetry collections online and information on how to read the poem, "Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town."  December 15, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad):
What the Honest Writer Does . . .
Brad's tip quotes John Gardner from his book, The Art of Fiction: Notes on Craft for Young WritersDecember 11, 2006

Weekly Feature (Louise): Eat Well and Keep Active
Louise's feature reminds us to watch our health in this dark and rainy season. Includes links to Canadian Government sites for further study. December 10, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad): Reading Leads to Better Writing
Brad's tip quotes the thoughts of the writing greats on the importance of reading widely. December 4, 2006

Student Writing: Simile Samples
Many examples of various forms of the simile. Read them to get good ideas for improving your writing!  December 3, 2006

Weekly Feature (Pat): Holiday Fun in Vancouver
Pat's feature points out some fun opportunities for the holidays. December 3, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad): Adjectives? Kill Them! (Mark Twain's Advice)
Brad's tip starts with a quote from Mark Twain, author of Huckleberry Finn, who counsels us to avoid using too many adjectives in our writing.  November 27, 2006

Weekly Feature (L): More Career Choices
L's feature outlines more ideas for launching a successful career, including links to excellent Web resources. November 26, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad): Learn from the Greeks: Simile
Brad's tip outlines some of the many kinds of simile. Yes, the Greeks outlined the uses of simile a long time ago! November 21, 2006

Teacher Writing (Essay): “Harrison Bergeron”: A Comic Tour de Force
Brad's essay demonstrates a short, 400-word, essay based on the Kurt Vonnegut Jr. story, "Harrison Bergeron." November 20, 2006

Weekly Feature (Helen M.)
: Throw Away that Translator!
Helen M's feature gives her personal experience in learning a second language and a strong argument for giving up translation as a tool for learning a language. November 19, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad): Learn from the Greeks: Zeugma
Brad's tip outlines a powerful rhetorical technique first defined by the Greeks. Includes a writing sample to demonstrate its use in your writing. November 13, 2006

Weekly Feature (Helen H.)
: Canucks are Us, Eh!
Helen's feature outlines the history of the word "Canuck," used to identify Canadians since the 1800s. Includes two vocabulary quizzes for practice. November 12, 2006

Student Writing: A Serious Decision
Tara's paragraph gives us an inside look at her decision to return to school and her hopes for the future.  November 11, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad):
Don't Be Afraid to Repeat!
Brad's tip uses the writing of Elie Wiesel from his book on the Holocaust, Night, to illustrate the power of intentional repetition. November 7, 2006

Teacher Writing (Essay)
: A Mother's Memory and Our Own
Brad's essay demonstrates a short, 400-word, essay based on the Tillie Olsen story, "I Stand Here Ironing." November 6, 2006

Weekly Feature (Dina): Remembrance Day
Dina reminds us of the importance of this upcoming holiday.  November 5, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad): The Many Uses of Would
Brad's tip links us to a worksheet and teacher writing sample to help you learn more about how to use "would" in your writing. October 30, 2006

Teacher Writing
: A First Reaction to "The Red Convertible"
Brad wrote this paragraph as a personal response to Louise Erdrich's story, "The Red Convertible." October 30, 2006

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Support the Food Bank
Cheryl kicks off our annual Food Bank drive. Let's beat last years record!  October 30, 2006

Teacher Writing
: Evil: A Real Possibility
Brad wrote this paragraph as a personal response to Shirley Jackson's famous short story, "The Possibility of Evil," a story that won for best mystery story in 1963 (published after her untimely death, unfortunately). October 24, 2006

Weekly Feature (Brad): Teaching the "Write" Way
Brad's feature offers us an inside look at the new Writing 12 class.  October 24, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad): The Secret to Writing Good Dialogue: Eavesdropping!
Brad's tip gives a number of suggested places to practice this ancient art form: eavesdropping! October 24, 2006

Weekly Feature (Rick): Writing Better Paragraphs
Rick's feature helps students understand this essential form of writing. Includes an amusing apology paragraph for being late! October 17, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad):
Learn to Use the Semicolon Like the Experts!
Brad's tip outlines an online exercise you can use to find and examine semicolon use by writers working online. Includes a link to an article for practice. October 15, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad):
Be Careful with "Only"!
Brad's tip demonstrates how a sentence's meaning can change depending on where "only" is placed. October 8, 2006

Weekly Feature (Paul): Canadian Thanksgiving
Paul's feature gives us a thorough account of our tradition. Includes a comprehension quiz, two online quizzes and links to further resources. October 8, 2006

Student Writing: An Unusual Man

Susan's paragraph gives us a wonderful description of an unusual man who visits her store every morning.  October 7, 2006

Teacher Writing
: Three Takes on September 11
Brad wrote three timed writing samples along with his students on the personal and political effects of September 11. October 3, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad):
How We See Things: Following Shakespeare's Example
Brad's tip uses Shakespeare's Hamlet to help us understand the importance of our own perceptions and how these perceptions affect how we and others see the world. October 1, 2006

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Falling Maple Leaves
Patricia's feature demonstrates correct paragraph structure. Includes links to information on Canada's national symbol. October 1, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad):
Two Part Phrasal Verbs: A Great Resource
Brad's tip points out a great resource for students working in a second language. Includes a huge list of these tricky idiomatic constructions and examples to help you use them correctly. September 24, 2006

Weekly Feature (Pat): Using Coordinating Conjunctions
Pat's feature gives us full detail on writing more successful long sentences. Includes links to two quizzes for practice. September 24, 2006

Student Writing: Failure: A Better Teacher than Success

Ali argues strongly for us to learn from our failures on our path to success.  September 18, 2005

Writing Tip (Brad):
Short and Choppy? Sometimes, Yes!
Brad's tip gives an example of the effective use of short and choppy sentences. September 17, 2006

Weekly Feature (Louise): Becoming a Better Reader
Louise's feature outlines seven strategies for becoming a better reader. September 17, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad): Learning to be Reverent
Brad's tip refers to Ann Lamott's comment on the responsibility of writers to be reverent. September 10, 2006

Weekly Feature (L): Success and Shifting Perspectives
L's feature helps us understand the different ways Canadians view success. September 10, 2006

New Course Information: Entrepreneurship 12
Students who are interested in starting a business should check out L's new course offering. September 10, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad):
Reading and Writing
Brad's tip refers to best selling author Stephen King's advice on reading. September 5, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad):
A Writer's Secret: Smell
Brad's tip reminds writers to use our most powerful sense, our sense of smell, to reach their audience. August 29, 2006

New Quizzes (Helen): Vocabulary Quizzes for Study Habits for Success
Helen's matching quizzes challenge you to remember words from her Weekly Feature. August 28, 2006

Weekly Feature (Helen): Study Habits for Success
Helen's feature encourages students to improve their study habits. August 27, 2006

Improve Your Writing this Term: Writing 12 Course Information
Students who have completed Communications 12 may take a new course, Writing 12. August 21, 2006

Weekly Feature (Dina): The Moon
Dina fills us in on our nearest neighbour, the moon. August 20, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad): Use Nouns and Verbs Not Adjectives and Adverbs
Brad's tip brings us the advice of the great writer, E.B. White, also featured in our Quote of the Week. August 13, 2006

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Civics Studies 11
Cheryl's feature gives her students a head start for her fall course offering. August 13, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad):
Write Like a Writer: Begin by Understanding Life
Brad's tip responds to a quote from writer Anne Lamott's book, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life. August 6, 2006

Weekly Feature (Rick)
: Writer's Block
Rick offers an explanation for his missed July feature. August 6, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad):
A Quick Way to Improve Writing: Using Idioms
Brad's tip goes over the pluses and minuses of using idiom to improve your writing. August 1, 2006

Weekly Feature (Trudi)
: Tips for the Heat
Trudi's tips help us to cope with our recent hot weather. July 30, 2006

Weekly Feature (Brad)
: A Cougar on Denman?
Brad's vacation visit to Denman Island included stories of a cougar on the prowl. July 24, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad): Speed Up! Using Keyboard Shortcuts
Brad's tip helps you to increase your computing speed. Get more done and save your wrists in the process! July 24, 2006

Weekly Feature (Tazim)
: Celebration of Light
Tazim's feature alerts us to the upcoming fireworks celebrations held at English Bay. July 15, 2006

Weekly Feature (Paul)
: Anyone for Ice Cream?
Paul gives us interesting information on a favourite summer treat. Includes a short quiz to test your knowledge! July 9, 2006

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