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  What's New (January to June 2006)

The pages that follow were posted from July 2007 to June 2008

Weekly Feature (Tazim)
: Water Conservation
Tazim's feature reminds us of the importance of conserving water resources. June 30, 2008

Weekly Feature (Rick): Canada Day Paragraphs
Rick's feature demonstrates how paragraphs change depending on their purpose and audience. June 24, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Ruth): Ancient Beauty
 Ruth tells the story of her grandmother's bound feet, an ancient Chinese tradition no longer practiced.  June 22, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
A Man on a Moped who Moped
Brad's tip asks if you can read the above sentence correctly and identify the two meanings of "moped." June 15, 2008

Weekly Feature (L): Reading Myths
L's feature explains ways to increase your reading speed while, at the same time, increasing comprehension. June 15, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Ballet, Biscuit, Bribe?
Brad's tip reveals what is common among the three words. June 9, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Masaru): All You Wanted to Know About Writing 12
Masaru's question and answer approach answers many common questions. June 9, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Josephine): A Breath of Fresh Air
Josephine's writing comments on the effects smokers have had on her life.  June 9, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Ruth): Biology 12: Learning about the Human Body
 Ruth recommends this knowledge-filled and useful course. June 9, 2008

Weekly Feature (Paul): Keeping Up With the News
Paul's feature outlines the rich and varied resources he uses to stay informed. Includes a comprehension quiz on his article. June 8, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad): Alcove, Apricot, Artichoke?
Brad's tip reveals what is common among the three words. June 2, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Natalia): My Charismatic Teacher: Trudi
Natalia provides a charming portrait of a favourite teacher. June 2, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Catalina): Halloween Every Day!
Catalina finds a new vision of fashion in Vancouver. June 2, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Beatrice): Maybe He Was Right
 Beatrice reflects on the difference between arranged and love marriages. June 2, 2008

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Getting Ready for the Certificate Tests
Patricia's feature gives a complete overview of the upcoming tests written by English 4 through 10 students. Includes links to many resources to help you get ready! June 1, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Natalia): Accounting 11: A Practical Choice
Natalia gives a complete picture of this popular course. May 25, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Victoria): Friendly Canada
Victoria finds Canadians more talkative and friendly than at home.  May 25, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Josephine): Independent? Bravo!
 Josephine writes about parents facing their children's departure from home. May 25, 2008

Weekly Feature (Pat): Michael J. Fox: Hometown Hero
Pat introduces us to a locally born man recently given an honorary law degree at the University of British Columbia. May 25, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
That's Super!
Brad's tip comments on this handy prefix, used to form many new words. May 24, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Teresa): Do I Need to . . .?
Teresa's article, introduced by Masaru, raises thoughtful questions about the independent spirit she's encountered in Canadian life. May 19, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Ben): Adventurous Entrepreneurship 12
Hongxin writes about his favourite teacher: Louise. May 12, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Masaru): Laughter as Medicine
Masaru's cancer treatment is aided by a nurse's good humour. May 19, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Long Winded Writing
Brad's tip comes from Ruth, a Writing 12 student.  May 19, 2008

Weekly Feature (Louise): Canada's Provinces and Capital Cities
Louise provides great information for Social Studies students studying for their certificate tests. Includes quiz links to test yourself. May 18, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Andrew): Pyramid of Society
Andrew's article, introduced by Suzanne, rejects the superior attitudes of those at the top of the social pyramid. May 3, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Hongxin): My Teacher Louise
Hongxin writes about his favourite teacher: Louise. May 3, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Suzanne): The Beneficial Course: Civics Studies 11
Suzanne gives a complete picture of an interesting and useful course. May 3, 2008

Weekly Feature (Jennifer): What Teachers do on Professional Days
Jennifer fills in students on the important benefits of teacher professional days. May 3, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Establish Your Style
Brad's tip comes from Suzanne, a Writing 12 student.  May 3, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Natalia): How I Robbed My Landlords
Natalia admits to a minor crime. April 28, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Choose Easier Words
Brad's tip comes from Masaru, a Writing 12 student.  April 27, 2008

Weekly Feature (Helen): Wonderful Reading for Students
Helen's feature points out some new, and wonderful, reading materials available at the lab. April 27, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Are You Among or Amongst Friends?
Brad's tip asks if "among" is used differently from "amongst." April 21, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Ruth): A Young Teacher: Renuka
Ruth writes about her experiences with a helpful teacher, Renuka. April 21, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Hongxin): DFT 12: Every Hour a Happy Hour
Hongxin writes about a course where studying is a joy every day. April 21, 2008

Weekly Feature (Dina): Siamese Fighting Fish
Dina's feature informs us about the beautiful and interesting Betta. April 20, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Perhaps it's Just, Really Quite . . .
Brad's tip reminds us that some words are better left out than in. April 14, 2008

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Emergency Procedures
Cheryl's feature comments on last Thursday's lockdown at the high school and reminds us of the necessity for safe procedures. April 13, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Suzanne): A Diligent, Patient Teacher: L
Suzanne writes about one of her favourite teachers at the PALC. April 7, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Masaru): A Free-Spirited Teacher: Brad
Masaru documents the life journey that brought Brad to the PALC. April 7, 2008

Weekly Feature (Brad)
: Teaching Film
Brad's feature discusses his use of film in senior English classes. Includes links to resources teachers may use in a film unit. April 6, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
The Limits of the Standard Essay
Brad's tip argues that, sometimes, students are better served by breaking away from standard form. April 6, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Masaru): An Upside Down World
Masaru's experience learning the opposite culture of Canada. March 30, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Natalia): St Barnabas Anglican Church
Natalia gives an inspiring account of her neighbourhood church. March 30, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Writing for the Web
Brad's tip points out some important rules for writing well for the web. March 29, 2008

Weekly Feature (Tazim)
: Cancer Prevention
Tazim's feature helps us to better understand and prevent cancer, a dangerous and prevalent disease.  March 29, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Ben): How I Saved My Party
Ben's Lunar New Year celebration is saved by some good advance preparation. March 23, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Natalia): An In-Between Time
Natalia writes about the yearly battle between the spring and retreating winter. March 21, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Colon or Semicolon?
Brad's tip helps you use these two, often-misused, punctuation marks. March 21, 2008

Weekly Feature (Renuka)
: My Helpful Friend
Renuka writes of her most helpful friend, one that finds answers for her every time.  March 16, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Have You Any of Either?
Brad's tip helps you use these two, often-misused, words. March 9, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Hongxin): A Peking Childhood
Hongxin's richly detailed story of his childhood in Peking. March 9, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Suzanne): Focussing on Status
Suzanne explains some key differences between east and west. March 9, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Ruth): What is that Teacher's Name
The story of Ruth's confusing first day in English class. March 9, 2008

Weekly Feature (Paul)
: Writing for Whom?
Paul's feature points out the critical importance to writers of being aware of audience, the "whom" we write for.  March 9, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Kamila): Beauty Goes Shopping
Kamila contrasts Polish and Canadian attitudes towards beauty. March 3, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Masaru): The City of Dolls
The story of Masaru's home town, Fukuoka City. First in a series. March 3, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Writing about a Rite, Right?
Brad's tip discusses four different spellings (and meanings) for the words, rite, write, right and wright.  March 2, 2008

Weekly Feature (Patricia)
: Confusing Gerunds
Patricia's feature discusses the gerund noun, a useful but confusing part of English grammar. Includes examples to test your knowledge and links to other resources. March 2, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Was it Quite Quiet?
Brad's tip reminds us that our spellcheckers will often fail to alert us to a common error.  February 26, 2008

Weekly Feature (Pat)
: February: Heart Month
Pat's feature asks us, "How heart smart are you?" Includes links to a quiz and more information to help you stay healthy.  February 24, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Breaking the Rules! Aggravate My Irritation
Brad's tip notes that, for most purposes, we can use "aggravate" to mean "irritate."  February 18, 2008

Weekly Feature (Louise)
: Prepositions: Time, Location and Wearing
Louise's feature links to a number of useful quizzes to help you practice the correct use of prepositions.  February 17, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Breaking the Rules! The Pesky Ending Preposition
Brad's tip suggests that, sometimes, we can end a sentence with a preposition, especially when the alternative sounds awful.  February 11, 2008

Weekly Feature (L)
: Ratatouille, Reflections, Resolutions and the Year of the Rat
L's feature links the box office sensation, Ratatouille, and the Year of the Rat.  February 8, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Breaking the Rules! Between or Among?
Brad's tip looks at another rule we think we know, but, on close examination, find is less definitive than we thought.  February 4, 2008

Weekly Feature (Jennifer)
: Mirror Images: Essay Introductions and Conclusions
Jennifer's feature gives us a useful practice template and instructions for writing excellent essay introductions and conclusions.  February 3, 2008

Social Studies 10 (Louise): February 7 Assignment;  February 5 Assignment
Find up-to-date information on your weekly assignments for Louise's Social Studies 10 classesFebruary 3, 2008

Communications 12 (Louise): February 7 Assignment;  February 5 Assignment
Find up-to-date information on your weekly assignments for Louise's Communications 12 classes February 3, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Breaking the Rules! Conjunctions on the Front?
Brad's tip suggests that we learn to break the rules sometimes.  January 28, 2008

Weekly Feature (Helen)
: 4 Weeks into 2008
Helen's feature helps us to reflect on our recent resolutions for the new year and points us to more resources to help us keep them! January 28, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Continuous or Continual Rain?
Brad's tip helps us to describe the different rainy conditions found in his home town, Vancouver.  January 22, 2008

Weekly Feature (Dina)
: Chinese New Year
Dina's feature introduces us to Chinese New Year and explains the 12 animal calendar and this year, the year of the rat. January 21, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Poetry: Quoting Verse Correctly
Brad's tip demonstrates the two important rules for correctly quoting verse, a useful skill for the upcoming provincial exams.  January 14, 2008

Weekly Feature (Cheryl)
: January: Hot Tea Month
Cheryl's feature explains her resolution to drink more tea this year and links us to interesting information on this popular beverage. January 13, 2008

Weekly Feature (Brad)
: Using a Writeboard to Teach Writing
Brad's feature explains a powerful tool he uses to assist students with the difficult process of learning to write. January 6, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Oh Oh: The Long "O"
Brad's tip outlines some of the different spellings used to indicate the long "o" in English.  January 6, 2008

Weekly Feature (Tazim)
: Winter Break Fun
Tazim's feature will help give you good ideas for the second holiday week from school. December 30, 2007

Weekly Feature (Rick)
: Learning to Write with "The March of the Penguins"
Rick's feature demonstrates different paragraph styles (summary, comparison, narrative) based on information from the film. December 23, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Victoria): The Neptune Festival
“The Neptune Festival ” concerns a teen’s discovery of a ritual in her grandmother’s village. Find out how the villagers prepare everything in secret overnight. December 16, 2007

Weekly Feature (Renuka)
: Time Well Spent
Renuka's feature gives us some practical ideas on managing our time while, at the same time, cautioning us not to go overboard. December 16, 2007

All Students: Food Bank Drive 2007 (Thank You!)

We exceeded our target for 2007. Thanks to all of you for your generosity. December 10, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
What's My Number?
Brad's tip concerns itself with the rules for using numbers in writing.  December 10
, 2007

Weekly Feature (Paul)
: The Richmond Speed Skating Oval
Paul's feature fills us in on one of our new 2010 Winter Olympics facilities. Includes a new interactive quiz to test your knowledge. December 9, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad): The "I-Me" Mix Up
Brad's tip helps us to learn when to use "I" and when to use "me" and warns us about substituting "myself."  December 10
, 2007

Weekly Feature (Patricia)
: Winter Words
Patricia's feature encourages students to expand their winter vocabulary. Includes four matching quizzes to help you. December 2, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
More Foreign Expressions in English
Brad's tip gives two more examples of foreign words that have become part of the English language.  November 26
, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Margaret): The Mushroom Necklaces
An early morning, a long bus ride, making mushroom necklaces—Margaret's story of a late summer ritual may make you want to join in. November 25, 2007

Weekly Feature (Pat)
: Commonly Confused Words
Pat's feature points out the differences between similarly spelled words with very different meanings. November 25, 2007

All Students: Food Bank Drive 2007 (Update)

We've almost made our target. Now's the time to give even more than last year! November 20, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Foreign Expressions in English
Brad's tip gives some examples of foreign words that have become part of the English language.  November 19
, 2007

Weekly Feature (Louise)
: Affiliation and Description Prepositions
Louise's feature gives students excellent information and practice on a most difficult part of English. Includes two quizzes to test your knowledge. November 18, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Don't Slip with Ellipsis
Brad's tip outlines some of the common uses for ellipsis.  November 12
, 2007

Weekly Feature (L)
: Implications of a Strong Canadian Dollar
L's feature discusses the pros and cons of the Canadian dollar's recent rise against other world currencies. November 11, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Valentina): Cleaning the Well
Well-described and edited story about the simple but hard work of cleaning a well. Reading this, you will enjoy a festive ritual as if you were there.  November 10, 2007

All Students:
Access the Oxford English Dictionary Online
The Pearson ALC has a one month free trial for the world's largest and most comprehensive dictionary. If you interested in the history of a word, including when it was first published, this is the dictionary for you! Login with the username, PearsonALC, and use, Pearson, as the password. November 6, 2006

Writing Tip (Brad):
Kurt Vonnegut's Rules for Writing Fiction
Brad's tip introduces us to Kurt Vonnegut's witty and useful rules for better fiction writing.  November 5
, 2007

Weekly Feature (Jennifer)
Sentence Combining: Coordination and Subordination
Jennifer's feature gives plenty of background and examples for the critical skills of coordinating and subordinating ideas in your sentences. November 5, 2007

All Students: Food Bank Drive 2007

Let's beat last year's record!  October 29, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Writing Concise Sentences
Brad's tip helps you to follow Stephen King's advice from last week to "Get to the point" and "Cut down your text."  
October 29, 2007

Weekly Feature (Helen)
: How Can I Find Time to Do My Homework?
Helen's feature offers sympathy for students working and taking classes at the same time. October 28, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Stephen King's 7 Tips for Writers
Brad's tip gives us Stephen King's concise and easily followed tips for beginning writers.  
October 22, 2007

Weekly Feature (Dina)
: Halloween's Here!
Dina's feature gives us a list of safety tips and links to more information on making your Halloween celebration even better this year!. October 21, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Is That an Example or In Other Words?
Brad's tip helps you tell the difference between the abbreviations, "e.g." and "i.e."  
October 15, 2007

Weekly Feature (Cheryl)
: BCs New Lieutenant Governor
Cheryl's feature introduces us to the first aboriginal Lieutenant Governor in BC history. October 15, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Using Story Quotes in a Short Paragraph
Brad's tip gives a demonstration paragraph written on theme for the short story, "The Heyday of the Blood."   
October 7, 2007

Weekly Feature (Brad)
: I am Thankful
Brad's feature on Thanksgiving Day outlines some of the things he is thankful for in his life. October 7, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
"Ironic?" Maybe! Using Quotation Marks Correctly
Brad's tip makes clear that marking a single word with quotation marks gives the word a new, mostly ironic, meaning. Includes a link to the hilarious "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks.   September 30, 2007

Weekly Feature (Paul)
: Canadian Thanksgiving
Paul's feature from 2006 outlines the unique traditions of a Canadian Thanksgiving. Includes a quiz to test your knowledge. September 30, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Have the Guts to Cut
Brad's tip refers to a descriptive essay written in conjunction with his English classes. Includes a sample essay and a link to a document to see where the cuts were made.   September 24, 2007

Teacher Writing (Essay): Blackberry Picking at Jericho (Fourth Draft; Third Draft Annotated)
Brad's essay illustrates descriptive writing. Inspired by Ray Bradbury's work in Dandelion Wine.  September 24, 2007

Weekly Feature (Rick)
: The Curse of the Cell Phone
Rick undertakes a close examination of cell phones and argues that their addictiveness could cause problems. September 24, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
A Dominant Impression: Writing Better Description
Brad's tip points out that creating a dominant impression in a description is the key to its success.   September 17, 2007

Weekly Feature (Renuka)
: From Studying to Snoring
Renuka reminds us to remember our sleep health at the start of a busy school year. Includes a number of common sleep idioms for study. September 16, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
How to Write with Style (Kurt Vonnegut)
Brad's tip points out an outstanding article on writing by Kurt Vonnegut. Follow his seven simple tips to becoming a better, more stylish, writer.  September 10, 2007

Weekly Feature (Paul)
: Hurricane Season and Travel
Paul's recent experience with a cancelled vacation to Mexico makes clear the dangers of travelling during hurricane season.  September 9, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Defining the Topic Sentence (Revisited)
Brad's tip points us to a 2003 Web collaboration based on trying to decide which sentence is the "true" topic sentence in a paragraph. Answers from renowned experts are interesting, diverse and, believe it or not, contradictory! September 3, 2007

Weekly Feature (Patricia)
: Ready or Not!
Patricia brings us up-to-date information on courses offered and registration dates and times for new students.  September 2, 2007

Course Information: Communications 12
Students who are interested in completing a classroom course for Communications 12 should check this page. September 2, 2007

Course Information: English 11
Students who are interested in completing a classroom course for English 11 should check this page. September 2, 2007

Course Information: English  12
Students who are interested in completing a classroom course for English 12 should check this page. September 2, 2007

Course Information: Biology 12
Students who are interested in completing a classroom course for Biology 12 should check this page. August 30, 2007

Improve Your Writing this Term: Writing 12 Course Information
Students who have completed Communications 12 may take Writing 12. Information page includes student comments from last year's class. August 29, 2007

Course Information: Entrepreneurship 12
Students who are interested in starting a business should check out L's course offering. August 29, 2007

Course Information: Civics Studies 11
Cheryl's feature outlines this interesting course to be offered in the fall term. August 29, 2007

Weekly Feature (Pat)
: B.C. Blueberries
Pat outlines the health benefits and provides tasty links for this important B.C. summer berry crop.   August 26, 2007

Weekly Feature (Louise)
: Weather and Source of Information Prepositions
Louise helps students to learn these two important prepositions uses and includes two online quizzes to help you test your ability.   August 19, 2007

ALL STUDENTS: Student Calendar for 2007-2008 School Year
All the important dates to help you plan your school year.  August 12, 2007

Weekly Feature (L)

Never Get Lost Again or, How to Save Your Marriage and Sanity Anywhere in Canada and the U.S.
L describes his recent travel experiences, much aided by the use of an in-car Global Positioning System.  August 12, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
One Stop Essay Tips
Brad's tip brings together all his tips for essay writers. Especially helpful for those writing essays in summer school this term!  August 6, 2007

Weekly Feature (Jennifer)
: Shakespeare Alfresco: Bard on the Beach
Jennifer fills us in on Vancouver's annual summer Shakespeare Festival.  August 5, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Pacing Your Writing
Brad's tip comments on the importance of establishing a pace to your written work.  July 31, 2007

Weekly Feature (Helen)
: Tennis Anyone?
Helen makes a good case for either playing or watching tennis this summer. July 30, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Using Your Head Using You're
Brad's tip explains the sound-alike pair of "your" and "you're." July 23, 2007

Weekly Feature (Dina)
: Keeping Freshwater Fish: The Pleco
Dina's at home hobbies include keeping a unique freshwater fish, the Pleco. July 22, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
The Inseparable "Not Only . . . But Also"
Brad's tip refers to Warren Clement's column on grammar, outlining why this construction cannot drop the "but." July 17, 2007

Weekly Feature (Cheryl)
: Fireworks!
Cheryl gives information on the Celebration of Light, Vancouver's international fireworks competition held each summer at English Bay. July 16, 2007

The Pearson Buzz (Stacey Clements): Graduation Speech
An excellent and heartfelt speech from one of our class of 2007 graduates. July 11, 2007

Worksheets and Assignments Online: Chemistry 11; Chemistry 12
Access Rick's course materials online at these pages. July 11, 2007

Weekly Feature (Brad)
: A Man Who Planted Trees
Brad's feature focuses on some big changes happening in his own neighbourhood. July 8, 2007

Writing Tip (Brad):
Commas with Adjectives: The "And" Test
Brad's tip explains a simple way to check if adjectives require a comma before a noun. July 8, 2007

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