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  What's New (July 2008 to June 2009)

The pages that follow were posted from July 2008 to June 2009

Weekly Feature (Brad)
: Michael Jackson (RIP)
Brad remembers Michael Jackson and points us to two interesting articles about him. June 28, 2009

Weekly Feature (Trudi): Summer Fun 2009
Trudi fills us in on interesting summer activities. June 21, 2009

Weekly Feature (Rick): "The School of Second Chances"
Rick points out a heartwarming Globe and Mail article about Vancouver's successful adult program. June 14, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad):
Put Your Best Foot Forward
Brad goes over some common idioms using the word, "foot."  June 9, 2009

Weekly Feature (Renuka): A Special Birthday
Renuka reminds us of a special 150th birthday celebrated in New Westminster. June 7, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad):
One Stop Essay Tips
Brad points out our one page resource for students who are preparing to write a certificate test essay.  June 1, 2009

Weekly Feature (Paul): On Colloquial English
Paul's feature gives us a thorough look at this informal kind of language. Includes a fill-in-the-blank practice and links to more information May 31, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad):
A Colleague with a Brogue
Brad refers to a number of English words that end with the letters "gue."  May 25, 2009

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Graduation
Patricia reviews our graduation ceremony plans and honours our bursary recipients. May 24, 2009

The Pearson Buzz (Hongxin): Visiting Laoshan Mountain
 Hongxin tells an engrossing tale of climbing Laoshan Mountain and visiting its Taoism Abbey. May 18, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad):
Need Help with Word?
Brad links us to a super resource for helping you learn to use Microsoft Word.  May 18, 2009

Weekly Feature (Louise): Collocations (Words that Work Together)
Louise presents us with eight different pairs and includes a fill-in-the-blank quiz for you to practice.  May 17, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad):
Don't Bug Me!
Brad gives some of the interesting meanings for the common English word, "bug." May 10, 2009

Weekly Feature (L): Finding Perspective
L suggests that keeping perspective can help us survive hard times.  May 10, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad):
Stupid Grammar Advice?
Brad refers to a contrary opinion on the famous grammar text, The Elements of Style. May 3, 2009

Weekly Feature (Jennifer): Snoring and Other Sleep Problems
Jennifer takes a lighthearted look at a familiar problem.  May 3, 2009

The Pearson Buzz (Kamaljeet): A Pleasant Teacher: Paul
 Kamaljeet introduces us to Paul, a teacher working in our evening program. April 27, 2009

Weekly Feature (Helen): The Uros of Lake Titicaca
Helen reflects on our material world as she recounts a visit to a unique people. April 27, 2009

The Pearson Buzz (Makassia): Lies that Can't be Proven
A lie gets a young woman into big trouble! April 20, 2009

The Pearson Buzz (Beatrice): The Newly-Rich Mushroom
 A trip to the "antique" market doesn't quite turn out as planned! April 20, 2009

The Pearson Buzz (Frank): Not the Biggest Rain Ever
But big enough to cause a lot of trouble!  April 20, 2009

ALL STUDENTS (New Course): Family Studies 12 (Self Paced)
Need one final Grade 12 credit course for graduation? Tazim's all-new Family Studies 12 offers you a good alternative. April 19, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad):
Compound Adjectives: Using the Hyphen Well
Brad explains the useful compound adjective and links to a wonderful online resource to learn more. April 19, 2009

Weekly Feature (Dina): Earth Day
Dina reminds us of an important day, celebrated around the planet. April 19, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad):
Terrifically Mean: A Good Thing?
Brad explains the interesting use of opposite meanings in English. April 12, 2009

The Pearson Buzz: Old Hometown - Manila
Marc writes about a joyous childhood in Manila and then updates us on the devastating changes to his home town. April 12, 2009

The Pearson Buzz: Keep Away from the Crow
 Hongxin explains Chinese beliefs and idioms related to the crow. April 12, 2009

The Pearson Buzz: More than Enough
Kamaljeet relates the tale of an over-talkative customer. April 12, 2009

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): BC's 39th Provincial Election
Cheryl gives full information to help you to cast your vote in the upcoming provincial election. April 12, 2009

The Pearson Buzz: Old Hometown - Shanghai
Eve recalls her early years in old Shanghai, before it grew into the city it is today. April 5, 2009

The Pearson Buzz: A Walking Joke
Zarghoona writes about the importance of understanding idiom, and the bad results if you don't!  April 5, 2009

The Pearson Buzz: Anberlin: Meaningful Music
Chris introduces us to a favourite band. April 5, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad):
Worth its Weight in Gold
Brad introduces three idiomatic usages for the word, "gold." April 5, 2009

Weekly Feature (Brad): Introducing TED
Brad introduces a fabulous online resource for practicing listening while learning about new and exciting ideas. April 5, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad):
You Dirty Rat!
Brad goes over some of the interesting idiomatic meanings for the word, rat. March 30, 2009

The Pearson Buzz: Choosing Love Over Death
Want to read something romantic and scary at the same time? Check out Makassia's review of the novel, Twilight. March 30, 2009

The Pearson Buzz: War; The Answer to a Global Crisis?
In Marc's story, a crazy old man rants about war. Should we believe him? March 30, 2009

Weekly Feature (Trudi): Going Green: Using Colour in Writing
Trudi uses Earth Hour as a jumping off point for a discussion on using colour in writing. March 29, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad):
The Practical Participle
Brad explains how to use the participle in English (with examples). March 23, 2009

Weekly Feature (Tazim)
: Welcoming Spring and Staying Healthy
Tazim provides a timely reminder that spring can mean changes in our lifestyle, too. March 22, 2009

Weekly Feature (Rick)
: Thoughts on Canadian Identity
Rick provides us with a thoughtful meditation on Canadian identity. March 14, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad):
"Use Vigorous English" (Hemingway)
Brad refers to one of Hemingway's rules for writing well. March 9, 2009

Weekly Feature (Renuka)
: The Pearson Patter
Renuka introduces us to our bi-yearly student newsletter and welcomes your submissions for our June issue. March 9, 2009

The Pearson Buzz: "Addicted" to Oil? Let's Be Realistic
Eve writes an impassioned response to her teacher's essay on his addiction to oil. March 8, 2009

The Pearson Buzz: The Value of Regular Writing Practice
Brad writes on how he helps his students to become better writers. March 1, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad):
The Was's and the Were's
Brad helps with the tricky use of the subjunctive form in English. March 1, 2009

Weekly Feature (Paul)
: Solving Word Problems in Math
Paul gives us a thorough discussion of methods that will help you to improve your problem solving skills in Math. Includes quiz links for practice. March 1, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad):
Exacerbating my Exasperation
Brad demonstrates the difference between these two sound-alike words. February 23, 2009

Weekly Feature (Patricia)
: Reading Resources at the PALC
Patricia points out some key resources available to students to help them to improve their reading skills. February 22, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad):
Either or Neither?
Brad explains the correct use of either and neither. Includes several example sentences. February 14, 2009

Weekly Feature (Louise)
: Canada's Provinces and Capital Cities
Louise helps students to get ready for their social studies test. Includes three practice quizzes. February 14, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad):
Banished Words
Brad points out the 2009 list of banished words, which includes the word "green"! February 8, 2009

Weekly Feature (Patricia)
: Using Verb Tenses Correctly
Patricia presents a complete set of sentence examples for all tenses with the theme of shovelling snow. February 8, 2009

The Pearson Buzz: Raising the Driving Age
Makassia presents a strong argument for raising the legal driving age. February 1, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad):
Ago or Before?
Brad explains how the two similar words ago and before are used correctly. February 1, 2009

Weekly Feature (Jennifer)
: Prewriting and the Essay
Jennifer presents us with a method to make an essay better and stronger. February 1, 2009

Weekly Feature (Helen)
: The Train of Death
Helen's amazing vacation adventures continued with her tale of "The Train of Death." January 25, 2009

Weekly Feature (Dina)
: Family Literacy Week
Dina alerts us to the activities available for Family Literacy Week. January 18, 2009

Spring Classroom Courses
Choose courses that work for your busy schedule. Courses are available in the morning, afternoon, late afternoon and evening. January 13, 2009

The Pearson Buzz: A Film with Impact: No Man's Land
Phoebe gives an account of the connection between the film and her real-life experience in Eastern Europe. January 12, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad):
The Disappearing Apostrophe
Brad notes how  the rule for forming the plural has lost the apostrophe in recent years. January 12, 2009

Weekly Feature (Cheryl)
: Hot Tea Month
Cheryl writes of her new found love for a hot cup of tea. January 11, 2009

Weekly Feature (Brad)
: More Snow? Tales from Snowbound Vancouver
Brad writes about his experiences with a very snowy holiday season in Vancouver. January 3, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad):
The Winter "Blues"
Brad goes over some of the many idiomatic meanings for the word, blue. January 3, 2009

Weekly Feature (Trudi)
: Grade 10 Writers
Trudi features her Grade 10 English students writing about family and dreams. December 28, 2008

Weekly Feature (Jennifer)
: Christmas Giving
Jennifer suggests alternatives to our usual holiday season consumerism. December 21, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
The Whys and Wherefores
Brad explains the meaning of "wherefore" when used by Juliet in Shakespeare's play, Romeo and JulietDecember 16, 2008

Weekly Feature (Rick)
: Improving Your Skills Online
Rick gives us a comprehensive list of useful interactive websites for improving reading, writing, listening and speaking skills online. December 14, 2008

Christmas Party and Potluck Lunch
Everyone is invited to come and socialize, sing carols and eat lunch together. A visit from Santa is on the agenda, too!  December 9, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Moderating your Modals
Brad gently suggests we be careful with modal verbs such as "must" and "should."  December 8, 2008

The Pearson Buzz: Modern Women's Unhealthy Beauty
Andrea's essay takes a new look on women’s beauty issues. The essay is well-organized, clear in language, and full of scientific and supportive evidence. December 7, 2008

Weekly Feature (Renuka)
: English, English Everywhere
Renuka argues that students should take English "beyond the classroom and into their daily lives." December 7, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Disinterested or Uninterested?
Brad brings our attention to the correct usage of this often-confused pair.  December 1, 2008

Weekly Feature (Tazim) THANKS EVERYONE
: Feed the Food Bank Final Update
Tazim updates us on the final totals. We had many generous donations this year! December 1, 2008

Weekly Feature (Paul)
: Why Math?
Paul offers us compelling reasons why our centre assesses every student's Math skills. Includes a quiz to check your understanding. November 30, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Who's "That" Person?
Brad argues that we should use "who" when referring to a person and not "that."  November 21, 2008

Weekly Feature (Patricia)
: Using Verb Tenses Correctly
Patricia goes over the many basic tenses available in English. Includes a comprehensive list of common verbs with full sentence examples. November 21, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
"Alphabet Juice"
Brad points out a fascinating new book about the English language that The New York Times calls a "literary junk drawer." Includes a link to the first chapter (origins of words to denote the sound a pig makes, for example!).  November 18, 2008

Weekly Feature (Louise)
: Becoming a Better Reader
Louise introduces us to seven strategies that will help you to become a better reader. November 16, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Lose that Thin Skin!
Brad suggests that a good writer gets used to and welcomes criticism.  November 11, 2008

Weekly Feature (L)
: Remembrance Day
L shares with us the meaning of this somber day. Includes two famous war poems for comparison. November 9, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
The Scandinavian Connection
Brad shares some vocabulary that has come to us from the Old Norse language.  November 3, 2008

Weekly Feature (Tazim)
: Feed the Food Bank!
Tazim announces our annual Food Bank drive to collect food for needy families. November 2, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Using "HyperGrammar"
Brad shares a fabulous resource for learning and testing your grammar knowledge online. October 27, 2008

Weekly Feature (Helen)
: My South American Vacation
Helen shares her many interesting adventures from last summer! Includes photos taken on her trip. October 26, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
The Pen: Mightier than the Keyboard?
Brad encourages writers to give old fashioned writing with a pen a try once in a while. October 20, 2008

Weekly Feature (Dina)
: Halloween Safety
Dina reviews important tips to help us enjoy a safe and happy Halloween.  October 19, 2008

Weekly Feature (Cheryl)
: Elections and Voting
Cheryl reminds us of our democratic responsibility to vote and that the federal election is not the only one held this fall.  October 13, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Tools for the Imagination
Brad's tip points out a number of useful random generators guaranteed to help you find new ideas for your writing. October 13, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad): Quotations: Online Resources
Brad's tip points out four useful resources for learning more about using quotation and paraphrase. October 6, 2008

Weekly Feature (Brad)
: Teaching the New English Curriculum
Brad reflects on teaching to the new standards for English 11 and 12 implemented this September.  October 5, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Using Quotations
Brad's tip shows you how to quote accurately and also how to paraphrase from the same source. September 29, 2008

Weekly Feature (Patricia)
: Lives Touched by Cancer
Patricia's feature outlines concrete ways we can reach out to help those affected by cancer by, for example, participating in the Terry Fox Run September 28, 2008

The Pearson Buzz: PALC—My English Cradle
Ruth's essay demonstrates how the PALC has nurtured her as she has learned English. September 22, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Blogging Makes Writing Better
Brad's tip outlines good reasons to participate in blogging online. September 22, 2008

Weekly Feature (Tazim)
: Reading and Listening Practice Online
Tazim introduces us to a fabulous resource for students at all levels.  September 21, 2008

Weekly Feature (Rick): English 12: A Realistic View
Rick gives us a realistic view of the difficulties and rewards of this challenging course.  September 15, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
Finding the Time to Write
Brad's tip gives some advice on squeezing a bit more writing time into our busy lives. September 13, 2008

Writing Tip (Brad):
A Compliment to Complement
Brad's tip demonstrates how to use these two sound-alike words correctly. September 7, 2008

Weekly Feature (Renuka)
: A New Beginning—Again!
Renuka's feature welcomes us all back to the new beginnings represented by a new school year. September 7, 2008

ALL STUDENTS: 2008-2009 Student Calendar
Lists all events and closures for the school year. Make your plans accordingly! September 6, 2008

Weekly Feature (Paul)
: Tuition Free Courses for Graduates
Paul's feature outlines the new Ministry of Education policy that provides tuition free education to students who have already graduated from high school. August 30, 2008

Weekly Feature (Patricia)
: Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables
Patricia's feature gives us a brief outline of a famous Canadian author. Includes a sample paragraph and demonstration of compound and complex sentences. August 24, 2008

Fall Classroom Courses Weekly Schedule
Check the courses and times to prepare for your fall term. Includes links to find out more about some of our classes. August 20, 2008

Weekly Feature (Louise)
: Read this Summer to Improve Your Writing
Louise's feature encourages students to use the summer break to read new books and to, as a result, improve their writing. August 17, 2008

The Pearson Buzz: You Reap What You Sow
Natalia gives us a thoughtful advice on disciplining children. August 10, 2008

Weekly Feature (L):
Working with Computers: Data Management 12
L's feature introduces us to his new course that offers a Grade 12 credit and many useful computer skills. August 10, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (English 12 Students): The Stubborn Husband
Demonstrating the writing concept of "show, don't tell," the students write short pieces to illustrate a husband's stubborn behaviour. August 3, 2008

Weekly Feature (Jennifer): Who is Simon Jackson?
Jennifer's feature answers the question of just who, exactly, is Simon Jackson. August 3, 2008

Teacher Writing (Brad): A Close Encounter
The hike was going smoothly until Brad had a chance encounter with an uninvited guest. July 28, 2008

Weekly Feature (Helen): The Grouse Grind
Helen's feature encourages everyone to give the challenging hike, the Grouse Grind, a try! July 27, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Renee): Always Waiting
Renee's complaint is a familiar one: waiting at the doctor's office. July 19, 2008

Weekly Feature (Dina): Summer Safety
Dina's feature reminds us to take care now that summer is finally here!. July 19, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Lola): A Big Thorn in the Butt
Lola uses a witty, conversational tone to show us the big frustrations faced by a new language learner. July 14, 2008

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Civic Studies 11
Cheryl's feature outlines her fall course offering. July 13, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Aileen): Lack of Respect for Cashiers
Aileen's rant asks why some customers mistreat cashiers. July 7, 2008

Weekly Feature (Brad): Addicted to Oil?
Brad's feature examines his personal oil addiction and ideas for recovery. July 6, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Masaru): A Night Hunting Eels
Masaru tells of the special night where he learned of the talents of a ten year old school friend. July 1, 2008

The Pearson Buzz (Mavis): Maintain Speed or Brake?
Mavis finds it difficult to adjust to driving in Canada.  July 1, 2008

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