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Basic Composition worksheets on a variety of topics, suitable for high school and college study. (all by Brad Hyde; ©copyright School District 40). You have permission to use them, unaltered, in your classroom. Many contain links to student and teacher sample paragraphs, essays, or stories.

May 27:
Grammar for a Class Evaluation.
May 20:
Noun Clause as Object of a Sentence
May 9:
Noun Clause Objects
April 22: Adjective/Preposition/Gerund Combinations.
April 8:
Verbs Followed by Gerunds or Infinitives
April 1:
Verbs Followed by Gerund
March 18:
Using Concrete Words
March 11:
Words with "ed" endings.
Feb. 25:
Parallel Structure
March 4:
Easily Confused Words
Feb. 4:
Adjective Paragraph
Feb. 18
Jan. 14:
Writing about Status
Jan. 28:
Feb. 11
Verb Paragraph
Jan. 21:
Topic Sentences
March 25:
Using Appositive Phrases


May 13:
Verbs followed by Gerund or Infinitive


  April 15:
Using Infinitives as Nouns and Adjectives





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