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Weekly Writing Tip: Student Essay Examples with Comments
Brad has written comments for a number of excerpts from student practice essays. Learn more about what makes a good essay! May 26 
Weekly Feature: Reflections at the End of the Year
This week, Brad muses about the school term coming to an end. May 26
Featured Web Site: English Zone
Excellent Web site for basic review of Grammar, Reading, Writing, Conversation and more.   May 25
Weekly Writing Tip: Do You Know Your Essay Structure?
Brad has written a quiz to help you check! May 19
Weekly Feature: On Multiculturalism in Canada
This week, Paul outlines Canada's unique policies that allow for our vibrant multicultural society. May 19
Featured Web Site: Basic Sentence Structure Review (with quizzes)
Review your knowledge of the English sentence. Get ready for the certificate tests!  May 18
Weekly Writing Tip: Assigned a Paragraph? Write ONE!
Brad's been marking student paragraphs this week. Much to his dismay, some students have written short essays, although he had only asked for one paragraph! May 12
Weekly Feature: Mother's Day
This week, Carey honours mothers with a special feature on Mother's Day. May 12
Featured Web Site: Learning Grammar: Quizzes at
List of over thirty different self-marking quizzes to help you improve your grammar.  May 11
English 10: "Lingkuan Gorge": Writing about Mood
This week, students will discuss three questions, then begin a writing assignment based on the story. May 7
New Quiz: Crimes of the Heart Vocabulary (Lit & Comp 4)
Ten question multiple choice quiz tests vocabulary from the reading, "Crimes of the Heart," from your text and last Friday's class. May 6
New Quiz: More Globe and Mail Idioms
Twelve question multiple choice quiz  on idioms taken from The Globe and Mail. For English Skills Level 3B-C May 6
English Skills 3B-C: Idioms from The Globe and Mail
Fourteen idioms explained with example sentences.  May 6
Weekly Writing Tip: On "What" Other Hand?
Brad has some advice on transitions in writing. On the other hand, will he give good advice? Come to read about the use (and misuse) of transitions. May 5
Teacher Writing: You Say it's Your Birthday? Ouch!
Brad demonstrates writing for two different audiences with a paragraph on birthday "bumps" from his childhood and another on a new tradition. May 5
Weekly Feature: Articles Again?
This week, L discusses article use in English. Includes a number of examples, suggested lessons, and excellent Web resources.  May 5
Featured Web Site: Buying a Computer? Check First!
A computer purchase is a major cost to most families. Take a look at what other people say before you spend lots of money!  May 4
New Quiz: Ecology Quiz #3 for Science 10
Matching quiz for Science 10 students. Also, view a new link for information on water at Tazim's page. May 3
Monthly Events Update: Certificate Tests; School Closures; Registration Information; Recognition Ceremonies
An up-to-date schedule of important test dates, school closures, registration dates for new and returning students, and our semi-annual recognition ceremonies. May 2
English 10 Notes: Comprehension Questions for "Lingkuan Gorge"
This week students wrote eight comprehension questions for the story. Answers are provided as well. May 1
English 10: "Lingkuan Gorge": Creating Comprehension Questions
This week, students will read a short story and work together to create a set of comprehension questions. April 29
Advanced Composition: Writing for an Audience
How well does your writing reach its intended audience? Come to class to practice this important writing skill.  April 29
Teacher Writing: A Most Unusual Event
Brad demonstrates the use of the passive voice in this paragraph based on an unusual experience he had twenty-seven years ago. April 28
Weekly Writing Tip: 26 Golden Rules for Writing Well
Brad laughed at this list. Visit the site to see why. April 28
Weekly Feature: Earth Day
This week, Helen outlines the many local activities available. Includes two vocabulary quizzes to test yourself.  April 28
Featured Web Site: Lord of the Flies: Novel Analysis
Are you working on the novel as a teacher or student? If so, this resource will be helpful. Remember, though, no "copy and paste"!  April 27
New Quiz: Ecology Quiz #2 for Science 10
Fill-in-the-blank quiz for Science 10 students. Includes a word list so anyone can try it. April 27
New Quizzes: The Bean Cake and the Broom Vocabulary
Two new vocabulary matching quizzes for Helen's 3B-C classes. April 25
New Quiz: Idiom Review Quiz for English Skills 3B-C
Twenty-five sentences test this term's idioms for Brad's Friday 2:45 class. April 25
Advanced Composition: Using Passive Voice
Although students are often advised to use the active voice in writing, sometimes the passive voice should be used. Find out when!  April 22
English 10: Writing about Poetry
This week, we will write a short essay based on what we've learned about poetry in last week's class. April 22
Literature & Composition 4: "A Great Greek Restaurant" Sample Review
Teacher sample paragraph on Brad's favourite Greek restaurant, The Kalamata. April 22
Weekly Writing Tip: Student Examples of Metaphor
Sample metaphors with teacher comments from the Advanced Composition class. April 21
Weekly Feature: English Certificate Tests: Levels 3 and 4
This week, Patricia brings us many resources for certificate test preparation. Includes two sample paragraphs, three practice tests, two new quizzes, and links to other important quizzes, too.  April 21
English 10 Notes: Poetry: Sound and Structure
This week students learned a number of terms, including assonance, consonance, metaphor, and rhyme. April 20
Teacher Writing: Two Years on Life's Road
Brad demonstrates the use of metaphor, simile, and personification in a piece on the past two years. April 20
Featured Web Site: Ready to Spring Clean? Sort It
The "Residential Sort It" Web site has many practical bits of advice to help you simplify your life and sort your "stuff."  April 20
New Quiz: English 3B-C Gestures
Five vocabulary matching from Helen's 3B-C classes. April 18
Literature and Composition 4: Writing a Review
This week, we'll learn how to write a good review. Based on your reading, Ralph Novak's review of Get Shorty. April 16
Advanced Composition: Using Metaphor
Introduction to the use of metaphor, simile, and personification.  April 15
English 10: Poetry: Sound, Metaphor, and Structure
This week, we will look at a poem by Michael Ondaatje. To prepare, view the questions and take a 15 question quiz to see if you know poetic terms. April 15
New Quiz: Idioms from The Globe and Mail
Ten multiple choice questions test your knowledge of expressions used in Canada's national newspaper, The Globe and Mail. April 15
Weekly Writing Tip: Reading Poetry
Brad discusses poetry and points students (and teachers) to some favourite poets and poems online. April 14
Weekly Feature: Hockey: Canada's Game
This week, Brad, a notorious fair-weather hockey fan, brings news of the Vancouver Canucks. Includes a challenging quiz, vocabulary, and links. April 14
New Quiz: Hockey Vocabulary
Ten multiple choice questions test your knowledge of the vocabulary of hockey. April 14
Teacher Writing: Brave New World: Recommended Reading
Brad demonstrates the use of essential and nonessential elements (and the comma) while writing a recommendation for the novel, Brave New World. April 13
Featured Web Site: Feng Shui at Work
Ever wonder about the Chinese tradition of environmental design? Find out more at this site.  April 13
English 10 Notes: Student and Teacher Paraphrase: A Difficult Exercise
This week students worked on the difficult skill of paraphrasing. See their results, along with teacher comments and a teacher sample. April 12
English Skills 3B-C: A Surprising Day: Idioms (Student Results)
Idiomatic expressions put into standard English by the English Skills class. They did a great job! Learn twelve idioms and their standard equivalents. April 13
English Skills 3B-C: A Surprising Day: Idioms Worksheet
Idiomatic expressions taken from an April 8, 2002 issue of The Globe and Mail newspaper. Can you translate them into standard English? April 9
Literature and Composition 4: Find the Answers, Together!
This week, work with a team to create questions to stump your fellow students. Based on your reading, Ralph Novak's review of Get Shorty. April 8
Weekly Writing Tip: Reading Short Stories
Brad discusses his passion for the short story and points students (and teachers) to his favourite online sources. April 7
Weekly Feature: Spring!
This week, Cheryl outlines her three pronged response to Spring fever! April 7
Advanced Composition: To Comma or Not Comma, That is the Question!
Practice using commas with essential and nonessential elements.  April 6
English 10: Paraphrase: Write it in Your Own Words
This week, we will have a "guest" worksheet from the Owl Online Writing Lab on the essential skill of paraphrasing. Come work with your fellow students to master the fine art of the paraphrase. April 6
Featured Web Site: Conversation Starters at The New York Times
A useful page for any adult student and for any teacher of Social Studies. Thought provoking questions with news links provided.  April 6
New Quiz: Problematic Prepositions: Level G Grammar
Ten multiple choice questions test your knowledge of commonly used prepositions. April 5
Weekly Writing Tip: KISS
The virtue of simplicity. April 1

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