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What's New Index: Fall 1998

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Chemistry Quizzes (Dec. 14)

Recognition Day (Dec. 18)

Christmas Vocabulary (Dec. 7)

Chemistry Vocabulary (Dec. 5)


Current Events New link for November 16 and 23 classes. (Nov. 26)

Science Vocabulary Updated Nov. 30

New Westminster Public Library Catalogue Java contributes to ease of use. (Nov. 22)

Site Contents: Try the new layout. (Nov. 22)

Home Page: Revised and improved. Comments? Feedback Page (no e-mail required) (Nov. 22)

Onelook Dictionary. Try it now! Connects to 419 online dictionaries from General through Medical and Scientific. Will be available on all PALC Windows 95 desktops soon. (November 13)

Learning Internet. New page added: Using the Browser Learn to use Internet Explorer (November 13)

Accounting 11. Calculation of Contributions and Benefits from Human Resources. Use for your assignments on CPP and EI. (November 13)

The Internet Computer. Want to buy a computer? Get advice at this page. (Updated November 9)

Brad's Page. Internet favourites added. Web sites the webmaster likes to surf. (November 9)

Math Lectures. New lecture from Carey on Whole Number Subtraction (November 9)

Remembrance Day. Check this page for more information. (November 5)

Chemistry. Come and try the new TablETRIS game! (November 3)

GED Writing pages updated. Sample of teacher writing (November 2)

Monthly Events. Check for ALC closed dates here. (November 2)


Reading Lectures. Pat has added two links for information on Orson Welles' and War of the Worlds. (October 29)

Tel Ed 98 Information. New page added to assist Brad's presentation at the Tel Ed 98 conference held October 30 and 31 in Victoria. Find background and how to information for creating Web sites here. (October 26)

Career Resources. A multitude of links gathered by Elaine, our vocational counsellor. Job finding and post secondary information. Very complete! (October 22)

Teacher Links. Many new links for Social Studies. (October 26)

Internet Public Library. A fabulous online resource. Access, for example, the full text of Shakespeare's plays with a glossary! Will be linked to most resource and class pages for easy access.(October 19)

GED Social Studies Class Page. Maps of Canada and Nunavut this week.(October 16)

Teacher Links. New links added. (October 15)

Science Links. New page added at Science. (October 13)

Link to Educational Testing Service Practice Questions (TOEFL, SAT, GMAT)(October 10) Will be available also at Teacher Links and ESL Resources.

New links to student issues from Current Events class (October 8)  Top


Mini-Lecture Class Pages. Visit your teachers' class pages. This week: Feedback to GED and Essay Writing classes. Water information at Pat's Reading Lectures page. (September 28)

QuizCenter application link for teachers added to the Quiz Page. Make your own! (September 28)

Orientation Online. View the PowerPoint presentation again for important information changes. (September 28)

Essay Writing / Ged Writing. New class pages in a new area: Lectures. Feedback on September 15 class.  Online lecture. (September 21)

Pearson ALC Quiz Page. Find all the quizzes in one easy location! (September 21)

Math Lectures. Check out Carey's great PowerPoint Lectures here. (September 21)

Nutrition Practice Test. Try an Internet test of your nutrition knowledge. Based on Tazim's Science classes. (September 14)

Chemistry Page. Links to very useful exercises. These links will be used in Tazim's General Science classes on Thursdays in Room 187. (September 14)

Take the Internet Quiz! Brad's new class on Wednesdays, Internet Use (9:15 to 9:45 or 12:30 to 1:00 in Room 187 on Wednesdays), will teach you the answers to these questions. Want to check what you know? The quiz marks itself and tells you the answer! (September 8)

New Staff Meeting Times: Please note that staff meetings are now held at 3:15 on Tuesdays in Room 184. All other classrooms remain open. Top

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