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Food Bank Drive Thank you everyone! (Dec. 4)

English Certificate Tests What's On the Tests: Levels 3A, 3B, and 3C added. (Dec. 4)

Pre-GED Certificate Tests What's on these tests. (Nov. 29)

Family Studies 12 New course page. Links to Internet resources. (Nov. 29)

Math Certificate Tests (What's On the Tests: Levels 3A and 3B added. Workbooks identified for each test) (Nov. 27)

Two Sample Essays (Certificate Test Resources) Follow these models to pass the English 10 or GED Essay test. (Nov. 24)

What's On the Tests? New page gives information on the upcoming certificate tests. (Nov. 22)

Teacher Writing (Thoughts on the Millennium; from Advanced Composition, November 18, 1999)

Vocabulary Level 3 Idioms from The Vancouver Sun, The Globe and Mail, and CBC's This Morning (Nov. 19 class)

Social Studies 11 Online. Access this course through Cheryl's page. Offers Web access to course materials. (Nov. 18)

Certificate Tests page. Includes An Essay on Writing and Links to Grammar Resources. Helps you prepare for the tests. (Nov. 15) 

Advanced Composition Assignment (Thoughts on the Millennium; Nov. 18 class)

Vocabulary Level 3 Idioms from The Vancouver Sun and The Globe and Mail (Nov. 12 class)

Introduction to Science Quiz 2 Science 10; Tazim (Nov. 10)

Government Quiz 1 Social Studies 10; Cheryl (Nov. 10)

English 10: Body Paragraphs and Thesis Sentences (Nov. 10 class)

Resources Page Redone to help you find your way. (Nov. 8)

Math Tip of the Week  Addition and Subtraction of Fractions with Unlike Denominators (Nov. 14) 

Advanced Composition Assignment (The Process Paragraph; for Nov. 4 class)

Teacher Writing (How to Make a Bear Hang illustrates the Process Paragraph. From Nov. 4 class) (Nov. 6)

English 10: Class Notes on Lowry's Purpose and Story Elements (Nov. 3 class)

Social Studies 10: Unit 1: Government (new resource, Nov. 3)

Social Studies 10 Internet Resource Page (Cheryl, Nov. 2)

The Giver: Answers to Quiz and Notes on Parts of the Essay (From Oct. 27 class work)

Louise's Page. Lot's new here: Poetry and Who Has Seen the Wind

Career Resources. New link to Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design

Who Has Seen the Wind. Link to the poem at Louise's page (Oct. 25)

Vocabulary Level 3 More Idioms from the News! (Oct. 31)

Social Studies 10 Vocabulary Resource Page (Oct. 25, Cheryl)

Teacher Writing (Oct. 24; Your Teacher's Composition Errors Classified illustrates the classification paragraph)

English 10: Notes on the Parts of a Story (Oct. 20 Class)

English 10: Answers to Group Work 2 (Oct. 20 Class)

Level 3 Vocabulary (Idioms from the news and Weather words October 15)

Monthly Events. A schedule from October 1999 through June 2000

Featured Internet Resource Spam Cop. An easy way to report spam to the authorities. Help stop unneeded and unwanted e-mail from messing up the Internet. (Oct. 16)

Math Tip of the Week  More Rules for finding the Least Common Multiple (LCM) (Oct. 16)

Teacher Writing (October 16; A Journey Together illustrates the use of metaphor)

Quiz Page (New quiz "Whales for the Killing 2" by Louise Oct. 16)

Cheryl's Page (Map Resources page added)

English 10 (Link to Grammar Quizzes for Certificate Test Practice)

The Giver: Answers to Group Work (English 10; Oct. 6)

Grammar from The Giver (English 10; Oct. 6 class)

Holiday Traditions (Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas and December Traditions)

Teacher Writing (October 1; Buying a Car: Not an Easy Choice demonstrates correlative conjunctions "either . . . or")

Quiz Page (New quizzes: Who Has Seen the Wind Vocabulary, Introduction to Science, and Greenhouse Effect Part 2  Oct. 4)

English 10 Vocabulary (from Sept. 29 class)

Advanced Composition Assignment (Correlative Conjunctions; Sept. 30)

Cheryl's Page  (New link to Elections Canada at Social Studies 10)

English 10 Vocabulary; Notes on Setting (from Sept. 22 class)

Teacher Writing ("Going Crazy with the Noise"; Demonstrating Conjunctive Adverbs and the Semicolon. Sept 23 Class)

Advanced Composition Assignment (for Sept. 23 class)

English 10 Prereading Notes for The Giver (September 15)






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