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An index of all pages published in February, 2004

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Writing Tip (Brad): Titles and Introductions: Student Writing Samples
Student writing samples from Advanced Composition students with teacher comments on making the best use of your title and constructing an effective introduction to your essay.  February 29

New Quiz: What's a 13-letter word for 'compassionate aide'? Vocabulary Quiz
Challenging fill-in-the-blank vocabulary quiz comes with a word list so any student may try it. For the English 10 daytime class.  February 29
English 10: Writing Techniques for What's a 13-letter word for 'compassionate aide'?
Notes from the close reading of Hayley Linfield's essay.  February 29
Weekly Feature (Helen): International Women's Day
Helen brings us information on a worldwide celebration of women's rights. Did you know that Canadian women once fought for the right to be a "person" in the eyes of the law?  February 28
New Quizzes: Vocabulary Matching for International Women's Day
Two vocabulary matching quizzes based on Helen's Weekly Feature.  February 28
Literature and Composition 4 (Brad): Writing a Drama on Prejudice
For Brad's Friday 9:15 to 11:15 class. February 26
English 10 (Brad): What Makes Writing Effective? Close Reading
The class will undertake a study of the effective writing techniques used by Hayley Linfield in her essay, “What's a 13-letter word for 'compassionate aide'?” February 24
Advanced Composition (Brad): Revising the Title, Introduction and Thesis
Worksheet for this week's classes. February 24
English 10: Vocabulary List for Quiz this Wednesday
Be prepared for a quiz on the word list. February 23
Writing Tip (Brad): Student Rules for Writing a Good Essay
Results of a class discussion on six parts of the essay and the rules one should follow for each. There are only five parts listed here. Can you think of a sixth?  February 19
New Quiz (Lit and Composition 4): "Raisin in the Sun" Vocabulary Quiz
Quiz for Brad's Level 4 Literature and Composition 4.  Has a word list, so anyone can try it.  February 19
Advanced Composition (Brad): Reviewing Essay Structure
Worksheet for this week's classes. February 16
English 10: Unit One Vocabulary Review Test
All students should study their texts to prepare for Wednesday's test. February 16
Weekly Feature (Dina): Nutrition Month
Dina reminds us to continue remembering our health, even after Heart Month (and New Year's resolutions) are forgotten. February 15
Literature and Composition 4 (Brad): Four Student Examples of Prejudice
The class discussed prejudice while preparing for a class reading on "A Raisin in the Sun."  February 15
Teacher Writing (Brad): "What the Teacher Learned"
Students in the Literature and Composition 4 classes have been asked to write a paragraph that evaluates their learning this term. The teacher paragraph demonstrates the standard structure and gives an insight into how a teacher also learns.  February 15

Teacher Writing (Brad): "Writing Good Paragraphs" Student Led Revision
Students in two Advanced Composition classes suggested major revisions to an overly long paragraph (295 words). Their revisions reduced the final copy to only 99 words!  February 15

Quiz (Social Studies 5-10): Unit 4 Provinces and Capitals of Canada Review Quiz
Quiz for Louise's evening Social Studies 5/10 classes. February 14
Social Studies 10 (Cheryl): Assignment for February 6 and 13
Link to Web resources and your current assignment. February 12
Advanced Composition (Brad): Revising for Conciseness: Group Workshop
Worksheet for this week's classes. February 10
English 10: Class Review; Preparing for Unit One Vocabulary Review
Worksheet for classes this week. Remember to bring your completed folktale to class. February 10
Literature and Composition 4 (Brad): Review Paragraph; Class Discussion on Prejudice
For Brad's Friday 9:15 to 11:15 class. February 10
Quizzes (Social Studies 5-10): Ontario and Quebec Crosswords
Three Social Studies quizzes for Louise's evening Social Studies 5/10 classes. February 8
Literature and Composition 4 (Brad): Notes on "The Road Not Taken"
For Brad's Friday 9:15 to 11:15 class. February 7
Weekly Feature (Helen): Valentine's Day
Helen has updated Pat's feature with new information, including important information for Heart Month. February 7
Teacher Writing (Brad): Sample Folktale: "The Refusal"
Read a short folktale based on the English 10 assignment this week.  February 7

English 10: Notes on Writing a Folktale
This week, students are assigned to write a short folktale. Use these notes to find important parts of these stories as well as important rules of grammar and punctuation. February 5
English Skills 3B-C (Brad): Worksheet on Punctuation
Practice review for important punctuation marks. February 5
English 10: Worksheet for "The Maiden Wiser than the Tsar"
Worksheet for classes this week. Read a student story demonstrating the folktale. February 2
Literature and Composition 4 (Brad): Worksheet for "The Road Not Taken"
For Brad's Friday 9:15 to 11:15 class. Note: We will have a vocabulary quiz to start the class. February 2
Advanced Composition (Brad): Sharing our Work on Showing and Telling
Worksheet for this week's classes. February 2
Teacher Writing (Brad): "A Night to Remember"
A piece on the topic, "It's not always easy being a parent." Demonstrates show, not tell.  February 2

Student Writing: Two Paragraphs on Three Important Rules for Writing
English 10 students Elena and Ping have written interesting and well-informed opinions on three important rules for writing.  February 1
Quiz (Literature and Composition 4): "The Picture on the Mantel" Vocabulary Quiz
Fill-in-the-blank quiz on vocabulary comes from student sentences written for a class exercise in Literature and Composition 4. Includes a word list so any student may try it. February 1

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