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An index of all pages published in January, 2004

Student Writing: Eid Al-Adha: The Festival of the Sacrifice
Michael, an English 10 student, has written an informative and interesting paragraph on this important Muslim festival.  January 31
Weekly Feature (Patricia): A Winter Vacation in Ottawa
This week Patricia writes on the vacation possibilities of our country's capital city, Ottawa. January 31
Literature and Composition 4 (Brad): Worksheet "Revision: Let's Look Again"
For Brad's Friday 9:15 to 11:15 class. Remember your homework: one 100-word paragraph on an unhappy event. January 27
English Skills 3B-C (Brad): Worksheet on "Head" Idioms
Practice your idioms. We will write our own sentences this Friday, January 30. January 26
English 10: In-Class Essay; Notice for Unit One Vocabulary Test
Class topic and announcement about Test for Unit One: Vocabulary from your book, Language Exercises Level H.  January 26
Advanced Composition (Brad): On with the Show! Are You Showing or Just Telling?
Worksheet for this week's classes. January 26
Teacher Writing (Brad): Third Draft: "Three Rules of Writing"
This draft is reduced a further three words from the second draft. There is a change in sentence order as well. Can you spot it? January 26
English Skills 3B-C (Brad): Sentences with "Head" Idioms
Do you know all the idioms in English using the word "head"? Visit this page to find out and see example sentences! January 25
Student Writing: Demonstrating Revision
Students in the two Advanced Composition classes worked together to revise each other's work. Find out about ways to reduce length by 20% or more while keeping the meaning. Includes some teacher comment as well.  January 25
Weekly Feature (Paul): As a Student—Should You Ask Questions in Class?
This week Paul writes at length about the important topic of student questions and encourages you to ask them!  January 24
New Quiz (ALL STUDENTS):  "Leg lifts, donkey kicks and crunches" Vocabulary Quiz"
Fill-in-the-blank quiz on vocabulary comes from student sentences written for a class exercise in English 10. Includes a word list so any student may try it.  January 22
English 10: Group Work on "Leg lifts, donkey kicks and crunches"
Worksheet for our class on January 21.  January 20
Literature and Composition 4 (Brad): Worksheets for this Week
For Brad's Friday 9:15 to 11:15 class. Remember your homework: three sentence summary of the poem and three sentences with new vocabulary. January 20
Advanced Composition (Brad): Revision
Worksheet for this week's classes. January 19
Student Notes (English 10 and LitComp 4): Group Roles and Do's and Don'ts
Students name and describe a number of roles a person may take on to be a good group member. Also, each class gives a list of do's and don'ts for group members. January 19
ALL STUDENTS: Monthly Events for 2004 School Year
Includes information on when the PALC is closed and special events for students. Note that we plan to stay open for Spring Break this year! January 19

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Happy Chinese New Year!
This week Tazim provides some very interesting and informative links on the Chinese New Year. January 17
Brad's Classes: What Makes a Good Group Work?
Discuss working in groups and learn group structures that help students work more effectively. For English 10 and Literature and Composition 4 classes on January 14 and 16.  January 13
Advanced Composition (Brad): The Three Most Important Rules of Writing
Worksheet for this week's classes. January 13
Information Page: Cheryl's Classes
Information on Cheryl's weekly schedule to help you find her. January 12
Weekly Feature (Brad): PALC Top Web Pages of 2003
Do you know what's most popular at our Web site? The results may interest you and lead you to a page you haven't visited before! January 11
Communications 12 (Louise's Afternoon Class): Class Resource Page
Resource page for the Communications 12 class. Be sure to bookmark it in your browser! January 10
Information Page: Louise's Classes
Information on Louise's weekly schedule to help you find her. January 10
Advanced Composition (Brad): Class Introduction
Students in Level 5/10 evenings and Level 10 daytime are welcome to attend this writing class held each  Wednesday at 2:45 and also at 6:30 on Thursdays. January 5
English Skills 3B-C (Brad): Course Information
For Brad's Friday 2:45 to 3:45 class. Links to previous term notes on idioms, vocabulary and more.  January 5
Literature and Composition 4 (Brad): Course Information
For Brad's Friday 9:15 to 11:15 class. Includes links to vocabulary quizzes from previous terms. January 5
English 10 (Brad): Class Outline
For Brad's Wednesday 12:30 to 2:30 English 10 class. January 5
Weekly Feature (L): How to Beat the Post Holiday Blues
L gives some timely advice on beating the results of our overindulgence in food and overspending the past few weeks! January 4

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