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An index of all pages published in May, 2004

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Communications 12 (Louise's Afternoon Class): June 2 Assignment
Weekly assignment for your class. May 31
Weekly Feature (Tazim): Adjectives and Adverbs
Spice up your writing with this feature from Tazim. Includes a link to more information for further study. May 29
English 10 (May 26 Class; Brad): Writing a Test Essay (Live Demonstration)
Today, students receive the results of their test essays. As an exercise, the class will participate in writing a demonstration essay for one of the topics from last week's class.  May 25
Advanced Composition (May 26 Class; Brad): Evaluating the Term
Worksheet for this week's classes.  May 25
Writing Tip (Brad): Titles and Topic Sentences
Examples of good titles and topic sentences from the Literature and Composition 4 class. Includes comments from the teacher on effectiveness and correctness.  May 23
Teacher Writing (Brad): Sample Certificate Test Paragraph (Level 4)
Read a sample paragraph of 104 words, "Bench or Field: Effects of Sport on Character," that demonstrates proper form. Includes information on use of transitions.  May 23
Weekly Feature (Dina): Victoria Day
Dina explains the origins and history of this weekend's holiday. May 22
Student Writing: Different Schools, Then Different Students (Essay)
Advanced Composition student, Martin Chen, writes a brilliant comparison that illuminates the cultural differences between a Canadian and a Chinese high school. A thought-provoking piece. May 22
Communications 12 (Louise's Afternoon Class): May 26 Assignment
Weekly assignment for your class. May 22
ALL STUDENTS: Summer Registration and Important Dates
Information for all new and returning students. May 20
Social Studies 10 (Cheryl): Final Assignments
Homework for Cheryl's Social Studies 10 students. May 18
Writing Tip (Brad): Student Rules for Topic Sentences (with examples)
Results of a class exercise on topic sentences with the Advanced Composition (daytime class) students.  May 18
Advanced Composition (May 19, 20 Classes; Brad): What is CSFM?
Worksheet for this week's classes.  May 18
New Quiz (L): Fill-in-the-Blank Quiz on English Articles
New fill-in-the-blank quiz on the grammar of English article use. May 18
English 10 (May 19 Class; Brad): Certificate Test Practice Essay
All students will write a 300-word practice essay for evaluation by their teacher.  May 18
Literature and Composition 4 (May 21 Class; Brad): Error Correction and Writing Improvement
For Brad's Friday 9:15 to 11:15 class. May 18
Weekly Feature (L): Using Articles in Grammar (Part 2)
L continues his two-part series on article use. Now, find out about the exceptions to Rule 1! Includes a quiz to test your knowledge. May 17
English 10 (May 12 Class; Brad): Writing a Short Essay on Raising Children
Prepare ideas for your essay, and learn how to write three forms of the conditional sentence.  May 11
Advanced Composition (Brad; Wednesday 2:45): The Best Topic Sentences
Worksheet for this week's classes.  May 10
Literature and Composition 4 (Brad; Friday 9:00): About Ourselves: Feeling Out of Place
For Brad's Friday 9:15 to 11:15 class. May 10
English Skills 3B-C (Brad; Friday 2:45): Collective Nouns
The lesson provides practice with collective nouns. A table of 15 common examples. May 10
Writing Tip (Brad): Student Writing Examples with Teacher Comments
Three pieces by Literature and Composition 4 students are revised, corrected, and commented on in detail.  May 10

Weekly Feature (L): Using Articles in Grammar (Part 1)
L gives all students a useful lesson in preventing their most common error: incorrect use of English articles. This week, Rule #1: A singular count noun must always have an article!  May 9
English Skills 3B-C (Brad): Tips for Writing a Fill-in-the Blank Test
Some good advice for all students from the English Skills 3B-C students. May 8
Advanced Composition (Brad): Index Cards as a Writing Tool
Worksheet for this week's classes.  May 4
English Skills 3B-C (Brad): Vocabulary for Friday Quiz on Confusing Word Pairs
Vocabulary list for this Friday's fill-in-the-blank quiz. May 3
New Quizzes (Helen's Classes): Two More Nutrition Vocabulary Matching Quizzes
Two new matching quizzes for Helen's Science Level 4 classes. May 2
Weekly Feature (Paul): Mother's Day
Paul outlines the fascinating history of the most important celebration for any mother.  May 2

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