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Certificate Tests  Sample Essays, 2001
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The following two essays were written in English 10 classes held on May 30, 2001. Students participated while the teacher wrote on screen in front of the class. The results are unedited and represent a good quality standard essay, suitable for certificate tests. Essay 2: Convenient TV News

Perfect Plan for a Wonderful Vacation

     Suppose you won a million dollar lottery! Now, you want to plan a way of spending all that money. A vacation comes to mind. To have an ideal one, follow this advice.

   To have a pleasurable, perfect vacation, choosing an appropriate companion is the first, and most important, step. For example, always choose someone who has similar interests to your own. If they love to walk around museums all day, but you like to read and drink coffee in a café, then don’t go together. Such differences will grow much larger over a two week vacation. In addition, make sure your companion has a flexible nature. That way, you can both do different activities in the morning and then meet again in the afternoon. To be perfect, choose a vacation companion carefully.

     After choosing a perfect travel partner, you need to consider your ideal destination. Use the Internet, the automobile club, your travel agent or whatever way to find out more about the place. If you like the sun, be sure to check to see what the weather will be like during your vacation. Some places are very hot and not suitable for a perfect vacation. Others have an ocean beach, but dangerous currents prevent any swimming. If you visit Paris, in August, everything is closed, so it is a poor time to visit. Before going anywhere, research your destination to make sure it will be perfect.

     Most important, however, is finding good accommodations. Be careful about trusting only one source (such as a travel agent) for information. Do an Internet search and talk to your friends who have happy memories of a recent vacation. Travel guides are another good source of information about finding a place to stay. Whatever you do, make sure that the place you go is clean and safe, and quiet. Nothing can wreck a vacation faster than finding a work crew outside your window the first night! Ideal accommodations make for a perfect vacation.

    To be perfect, a vacation needs careful planning. Making sure you get along with your travel companion, carefully researching your destination, and finding the right place to stay will go a long way to helping you have a great time.

Convenient TV News

      Although I read a newspaper religiously every day, TV news has some definite advantages. People today, with their busy lives, prefer TV news since it offers more reality, timeliness, and ease.

    One of the reasons that people prefer TV news to the newspaper is because it feels more real. Recently, the TV news broadcast a video taken when the floor collapsed during a wedding party in Israel. Newspapers, of course, published photographs taken from the same video, but it cannot compare with seeing the floor disappear and hearing the screams of the people as they fell. There is sometimes no substitute for the reality found in a TV news broadcast.

     Not only for reality, but also for being up-to-date, TV news often is preferable to the newspaper. [Sample “paragraph hook” where an idea is carried forward to the next topic sentence] Some years ago, at the beginning of a Word Series baseball game in San Francisco an earthquake occurred. Instead of baseball, we watched fires burning, a bridge collapsing, and cracks appearing in the stadium within the first few minutes after it had happened. When something has just happened, turning to the TV news is a way to find out immediately, much faster than a newspaper can provide.

     One other important reason we prefer TV is because it is easier for us than reading a newspaper. These days people are busy, so having a TV in the kitchen is a popular choice for many of us. During the six o’clock news, a mother can make dinner, feed her baby, and she can find out what’s happening in the world—all at the same time! Reading a newspaper cannot compare with this ease of access to information that the TV provides to hurried people.

    TV news is preferred by people because it is real, up-to-date, and easy. Watching a recent tragedy, seeing the effects of an earthquake, being able to keep up with news, are some reasons why people prefer TV news over the newspaper.


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