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What's New Index: Spring 1998

February  March


Searching. A new student/teacher resource to aid in Web searches. (April 28)

Provincial Exams. Find out more about times, dates, application deadlines etc.. (April 28)

Carey's Page. More information about Carey, our Math and Science specialist. (April 22)

Nutrition Links. Links for Tazim's science classes in May. (April 22)

Tazim's Page. Find out more about her on this page.(April 22)

Student Resources. A new heading page for these valuable resources. Canadian Citizenship Information is available here.(April 22)

Current Events Links. Access to major Canadian and world news. (April 14)

Math. Math links added. (April 14)

Social Studies: Course Description added. Geography Links added. (April 6)

Staff: Brad's page is up. Find out his favourite food! (April 6) Top


Study Skills. New links for students who wish to improve their study skills. (March 30)

Software. Information on Educational Software available at Pearson ALC. (March 30)

Encarta Online. Online encyclopedia for quick facts. (March 24)

Teacher Links. Links for busy teachers. Use the Internet in class! New links for Current Events, English, Math, Science, and Writing (March 23)

Library Links. Use Telnet to look for a library book. Print the instruction page to help you get started! (March 16)

Social Studies 11. Links for Research Papers. (March 9)

PALC Information: Revised for easy navigation. Graphics added. (March 9)

Monthly Events: Information about PALC events. (March9)

Science Links for Endangered and Extinct Animals. Prepare for Tazim's April 2 and 9 Level 2-3 General Science Classes. (March 3)

Pearson ALC Information page. History and general information added. (March 2) Top


Tazim's Thursday Science class. See an Albertasaurus dinosaur! (February 24) Class at 10:00 a.m. in Room 186.

Lectures on Style. This week's lesson on Using Transitions.

ESL Resources. All links have been moved from our old site. New descriptions for all resources. (February 23)

Study Skills pages added. Try the SQ2R reading method here. (February 22)

Math pages updated. Includes sample form "Stump the Teacher!" (February 21)

General Science 2-3 Activities. Check out a Sumatran Rhinocerous! Connected to Tazim's classes in March and April. Student response form for new sites included.(February 17)

Online Writing Lectures. Includes a submit form for student assignments. Lectures on Style and the Paragraph. (February 17)

Orientation Information. (February 16)

Hours page brought online. (February 16)

Communications 12 Outline (February 15)

ELA 11 pages updated. Includes Course Outline and Assignment of Marks.

Search page updated. Includes MetaCrawler Search for the World Wide Web, Infospace (for Canadian Information) and information on query language. (February 9)

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