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Math Tip of the Week   
Temperature and the Celsius Scale. Includes 10 question quiz on Celsius. (June 24)

Given the Circumstances: The Word, Potluck
A short essay on the meanings of the word potluck. (June 22)

Proper Form: Comparing with Adverbs (Quiz)
Fill in the blanks quiz. Choose the proper degree of comparison. (June 22)
A Potluck Quiz

A short quiz on the ALC tests your knowledge of potlucks, important dates, and more. Correct answers reveal additional information! (June 19)

Revised Home Page 
Cleaner design; new weekly feature (June 15)

Monthly Events for Summer
Our events page now includes July, August and September, 2000 events and dates at the ALC. (June 15)

Practice Quiz 
A Difficult Proposition: Prepositions! See how you do on this 15 question practice. (June 12)

Practice Quiz  
Parts of Speech (nouns, adjectives, etc.) (June 10)

New Student Writing. Examples of student metaphors on writers and writing. (June 4)

Teacher Writing Metaphors on Writers and Writing attempts to show, through metaphor, some of the joys of composition. (June 3)

New Vocabulary from the Level 3 Social Studies class held on Friday, June 2 in Room 280. (June 3)

New Sample Essays written by English 10 classes on May 31, 2000. Two full certificate essay samples. (May 31)

New Sample Essay A teacher sample essay on a practice essay topic. Follows the form needed to pass your certificate test essay. (May 25)

What's On the Tests. Link from this page to detailed information about the Certificate Tests. (May 21)

Advanced Composition Assignment on Writing is Like . . . . for class to be held on Thursday, June 1 at 6:00 in Room 280. (May 29)

English 10 Class Notes Student examples demonstrate conclusion paragraph techniques. (May 27)

Two Sample Essays done by last year's English 10 class illustrate the correct format for your Certificate Test essay. Please review these essays, based on topics which are similar to those on the test. (May 20)

New Quizzes for Level 1-2 Practice for the Certificate Tests (May 12; Patricia)

Student Writing. Two new comments on Anna's essay. Add your own comment at the bottom of the page! (May 3)

Career Resource Page. Updated with descriptions of career resources to help you find a job. New post-secondary schools added. (May 1)

Vocabulary from Math Level 3 class held on April 29. Read this, then take the quiz. (May 1)

Pat's Reading Class. Links about Mother Teresa from April 19 class. (April 20)

Read Brad's essay,  "Solving the Mysteries of Writing" to see a sample essay structure. (April 19)

Lost English 10 Notes on Mood of the Verb! (From Jacquie's Mar. 22 class) Sentence examples written by the two classes. (April 12)

Teacher Paragraph on Lingkuan Gorge Assignment.  [for English 10] (April 11)

Quiz for Social Studies Level 3 Reading: Changes in Eastern Europe and Russia and Its Neighbours. (April 9)

Student Resources or Career Resources now has a link to Opening Doors, a government sponsored search engine to help you find a post secondary (college or university) institution. (April 6)

Family Studies Course Outline. Find out the requirements for this Grade 12 Elective. Fulfills graduation requirements for a Grade 12 subject for the adult diploma. (April 6)

New Quizzes Tricky Subject Verb Agreements; Verb tenses; Punctuation, Parts of Speech; Pronouns; Sentence Types. (Mar. 25 to 31)

GED Resources Page includes links to test information, test dates and locations and important news on test changes for 2002. (Mar. 22)








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