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Featured Web Site: Word Problems: Grades 8 to 12
Web page to make it easy to practice many kinds of typical Mathematics word problems. August 31
New Quiz: Recipient Prepositions
Ten question cloze quiz for any student. By Louise. August 31
Weekly Feature: Poetry: Why Should I Care?
Jennifer offers her personal thoughts on poetry and shares a poem. August 29
Featured Web Site: Body Mass Index Calculator
During the PALC break why not see how your weight to height ratio rates on this easy calculator. Site gives you advice on ideal weights.   August 24
New Quiz: It's Hard to Agree: Challenging Agreements
Ten question multiple choice for Level 4+ students. By Brad. August 23
New Quiz: Lowest Common Denominator
Each of the questions contains explanations for all answers. Good way to review this important Mathematics concept.  By Carey. August 20
Weekly Writing Tip: Keep it Simple (and Straightforward)
A little advice on simplicity in writing.  August 19
Featured Web Site: Minnesota Basic Standards Reading Test
Reading test includes readings followed by questions. See if you meet their basic standards and practice your skills.  August 18

New Resource: Job and Career Resources
Link added to Northern Lights College. Visit this page for a full listing of BC universities and colleges along with many other career related resources. August 17
Weekly Feature: Plagiary! Who Me?
Brad explains plagiary (using another person's ideas without giving them credit) and its consequences. August 20
Weekly Feature: Common Denominators
This week, Carey explains this important concept in Math. Valuable for any student learning fractions. Includes a quiz from Carey. August 14
Weekly Writing Tip: Writing: Too Slowly?
Some thoughts from Peter Elbow on whether planning too much in advance will lead to writing too slowly.   August 15
New Quiz: Prepositions After Verbs
Ten sentences in fill-in-the-blank form.  August 14
Featured Web Site: Learning in Motion: Top Educational Sites
Each month, Learning in Motion picks 10 interesting Web sites useful to educators and students alike.  August 13
New Quiz: The Labour Movement in Canada
Five question multiple choice quiz for Level 4+ Social Studies.  August 9
Weekly Writing Tip: Repeat Yourself!
This week: a discussion of the value of repetition in writing.  August 5
Weekly Feature: The International Space Station
This week, Paul brings us information on a new international project. August 5 
English 10: The Bean Cake and the Broom
Class worksheet for August 8, 2001 August 5
Featured Web Site: Grammar Slammer
Grammar Slammer offers a quick, indexed way to search out the answer to many questions on grammar.  August 4
Sample Essay: On Teaching Adults
Brad outlines the rewards of teaching adults in a sample standard essay form.  August 3
Weekly Writing Tip: Use the Dash—A Handy Mark
This week: an explanation of how the dash is used with two examples for study.  July 29
English 10: Kissing Your Way Around the World
Class worksheet for August 1, 2001 July 29
Weekly Feature: Vocabulary Attack Skills and Strategies (3)
This week, L brings us strategies along with concrete examples to aid your quest for a better vocabulary.  July 29
Featured Web Site: Project Censored
Project Censored is an organization that brings under-reported news stories to our attention. Based at Sonoma State University in California. July 28
New Quiz: Quiz on Nunavut
10 question cloze quiz for Level 3 Social Studies.  July 28
New Quiz: Do You Know Your Nouns?
10 question multiple choice quiz for Level 3 Grammar.  July 25
English 10 Preparation: Writing about Canadian Culture 
Five student examples and two teacher paragraphs on cultural differences. Written as practice for a lesson on showing rather than telling.  July 24
Weekly Feature: A Life Saving Decision
This week, Helen brings us a feature on organ donation. She includes three quizzes on vocabulary to test your comprehension.  July 22
Teacher Writing: If I Had Been the Mother
Response to the class exercise on the Past Unreal for Shirley Jackson's story, "The Witch."  July 21
Sample Sentences: Student Writing 
Sentences from Composition 4+ students from the exercise on using the Past Unreal in writing. Teacher comments on each sentence.  July 21
Featured Web Site: Common Errors in English
Huge list of errors. Each leads to a short explanation. Valuable resource for any student. July 21
English 10 Preparation: Showing Versus Telling
Class worksheet for July 23, 2001 July 21
Literature 4+: Using the Past Unreal: Writing Workshop
Tonight, we will learn the grammar necessary for us to discuss what we would have done if we had been the mother in "The Witch."  July 19
New Quiz: Whole Numbers
10 question multiple choice quiz for Level 3 Certificate Test practice.  July 19
New Quiz: Irregular Verbs
10 question multiple choice quiz for Level 4-5 Certificate Test practice.  July 17
Literature 4+: "The Witch" by Shirley Jackson
This week, a special two-part study of an interesting story. Exercises in grammar, composition, and literary elements.  July 17
Weekly Writing Tip: Watch Out for Exclamation Marks!
This week: a quote from William Zinsser and a short discussion on using exclamation marks.  July 16
Weekly Feature: Learn More about Canada
This week, Cheryl links us to Internet quizzes on Canada and on Vancouver.  July 15
Featured Web Site: College Quiz
Answer seven questions on a variety of subjects as fast as you can. Very difficult indeed, but interesting. July 14
English 10: Notes and Examples: On Being Specific
Notes include two sample paragraphs written by the teacher along with student sentences with teacher comments.  July 11
English 10 Preparation: Class Notes on Best Sentences 
Results of our class discussions. Many sample sentences with teacher comments for each.  July 9
English 10: 2000-2001 Class Archive
Access all notes and worksheets from this archive. July 8
Weekly Writing Tip: Who's Your Audience?
This week: link to a worksheet and teacher writing sample to learn more about writing for audience, an important skill for all writers!  July 8
English 10: On Being Specific
Class worksheet for July 11, 2001 July 8
Weekly Feature: Focus on Prepositions
This week, Louise links us to practical exercises and quizzes on prepositions.  June 28
English 10 Preparation: What's Your Best Sentence?
Class worksheet for July 9, 2001 July 8
Featured Web Site:
Information on free educational opportunities on the Internet. July 7
New Quiz: Orientation and Registration at the PALC
Find out how much you know about our orientation and registration procedure at the PALC June 28
Weekly Writing Tip: Proofreading Carefully
This week: advice on the importance of proofreading.  June 24
Weekly Feature: International Education Program
This week, Brad introduces the International Education Program, a part of our school district programs.  June 24
Teacher Writing: The Child Raising Road
An example of extended metaphor in writing. Includes a link to the original exercise.  June 24
Featured Web Site: First Peoples on SchoolNet
Resources on Canada's First Nations people from SchoolNet. June 23
New Quiz: Math Vocabulary Level 3A-B
Students writing Level 3A or B certificate tests can use this quiz to prepare.  June 19
Weekly Feature: Find Your Career Path
This week, Paul gives a guided tour of the best Internet resources available to help in a search for a career in Canada. June 17
Weekly Writing Tip: Time, Adverbs, and the Present Perfect
This week: a worksheet and teacher writing sample illustrating the correct use of adverbs of time with the present perfect tense.  June 17
Featured Web Site: David Rumsey Historical Maps
Incredible resource with scanned images of maps from around the world. Easily navigated.  June 16
Definition Essay: Given the Circumstances: Potluck
In this essay, Brad explores the possible origins and the various meanings of the word "potluck."  June 12
Weekly Writing Tip: Simplicity
This week: a quote from William Zinsser on simplicity.  June 11
Weekly Feature: Finding Old School Friends
This week, Cheryl outlines a resource for finding people who went to the same school. June 11
Featured Web Site: Edinformatics Directory
A large, reviewed database of educational information on the Internet.  June 11
Weekly Feature: Using our Hierarchical Menus
This week, Brad gives a lesson on using our special navigation menus.  June 3
Weekly Writing Tip: Turning Topics into Threes
This week: some ideas for helping you find the three topics needed for a standard essay.  June 3
Teacher Writing: Brad's Two Favourite Movies
A writing sample from Brad demonstrating the use of a variety of conjunctions.  June 2
Featured Web Site: Virus Hoaxes at Symantec
Virus hoaxes are common on the Internet. Find out more about how to check if a virus alert is real.  June 2

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