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What's New Index: Summer 1998

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Amnesty International. New link added to Social Studies. Up-to-date information on human rights issues. (August 24)

The Internet TESL Journal. Lessons, activities, and information for teachers and students alike. Added to Teacher Links page. (August 24)

Science. New links for Tazim's Science World field trip. (August 19)

Resources for English students added at Drama and Short Story pages. (August 18)

Teacher Links New links in Current Events, English, and Science. (August 6) Top


eBLAST A new search resource from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Click on the icon on our Search page. Resources checked by experts at Britannica. (July 27)

Contents Table of Contents is now easier to use and navigate. Try it out! (July 21)

Louise's Page. Hot links added to some of Louise's favourites. What are "imaginary numbers" anyway? (July 15)

Carey's Page.Hot links added. See what's on at the Knowledge Network this week. (July 15)

Patricia's Page. Hot links added. Read Patricia's favourite poem online or visit Whistler Mountain. (July 15)

Staff. Added links to teachers' favourites. Visit Web sites linked on Staff pages (July 2 and 3)

Cheryl's Page. Find out about Cheryl's favorites! (July 2) Top


The Pearson Patter. Come read the online version of our June newsletter. (June 16)

About Us. A brief overview to help Internet visitors from far away. (June 9)

PALC Orientation. Orientation available online. Refresh your memory! (June 8)

ESL Resources. Navigation made easier. Check out Wordbot! (June 1)

Monthly Events. Important dates in June! Check the schedule. (June 1)  Top


Ask Jeeves A Web search page that lets you ask questions in a natural way. Try it with us in class this week! (May 26)

Patricia's Page. More on our newest teacher. (May 25)

Computers and the Internet. How to buy an Internet Computer! (May 21)

Student Resources. Government Overview and information on Encyclopedia Britannica at the Pearson ALC (May 19)

History 12. New essay links added. (May 19)

Social Studies. More links for student research papers added. (May 14)

Louise's Page. More information on our Math teacher extraordinaire. (May 11)

Teacher Links. Reading and Vocabulary resources added. (May 3)

Pat's Page. Find out about your favourite grammar teacher! (May 3)  Top

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