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  Tips for Writers by Brad Hyde (January 6, 2008)

Oh Oh: The Long "O"

Learning to spell in English is a challenge for everyone, even those who grew up speaking the language. The sound of the long "o" in English has many variations. Learn them to improve your spelling overall.

Some Spellings for the Long "O" (not including exceptions!)

In English, the sound of the long "o" is represented as /ō/ in pronunciation guides. Here are a few of the variations in spelling.

"o" says /ō/ at the end of a syllable: so, go

"o" +e The silent final "e" makes the "o" say /ō/: stone, throne, crone, tone

"oa" gives us the long "o" of boat and float

"oe" gives us the long "o" found in toe

"ough" gives us the long "o" found in though but be careful because the word, "through," doesn't!

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