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Watch Your Tone: In the Mood?

Students often confuse the terms tone and mood. Tone is the writer’s attitude towards the subject he or she is writing about. Mood is the feeling that is invoked in the reader by the writing itself.

To do a good job as a writer, you need to establish what tone you hope to convey. Ask yourself why you are doing that particular piece of writing. Are you trying to impress? Or, are you trying to convey information as neutrally as possible?

Also important in establishing tone is to look into who your readers will be. What will make them react (either positively or negatively)?

Finally, be sure you have a good idea why your readers may have chosen to read your piece. Do they want information? Are you presenting them with new or challenging ideas?

Establish your tone early and the mood of your eventual readers can be more accurately predicted.

(February 12, 2012)

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