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Advanced Composition Assignment. Assignment: Powerful Choices: Specific Verbs for class on Mar. 23 at 6:00 in Room 280. (Mar. 19)

Student Writing. Another piece compares Canadian and Hong Kong customs. Submitted through e-mail by one of our students. (Mar. 19)

Level 1-3 Vocabulary from the reading, "Assault on the White House". (Mar. 16)

English 10 Notes for March 15 Class answers to the questions on the story, "The Father" (March 16)

Teacher Writing Canadians are Different demonstrates show, don't tell in writing. (Mar. 11)

Social Studies 10 Quiz from Cheryl on Criminal Law. (Mar. 8)

Science Level 3 Quiz on "Introduction to Physical Science" (Mar. 5)

Five new quizzes. Four on Who Has Seen the Wind Chapter 14 (Vocabulary Matching) and one on Olympic Games for Reading/Writing Level 3 by Louise (Mar. 3)

New Quiz for Level 3 Social Studies. On the reading, "The Western Nations of One Continent" from Friday classes in 186 and 280. (Mar. 1)

Three new Quizzes. Two on Canadian Geography for Social Studies 1-3 by Patricia; One on the story, "The Flying Machine" from Reading Skills Level 4+ from Pat. (Mar. 1)

Quizzes by Louise. One for Communications 12 students; the other for Level 3 Reading and Writing. (Feb. 27)

Quiz on Ecology. Available for Tazim's Science 10 Students. (Feb. 19)

Vocabulary List of new words from Social Studies reading: Looking at Latin America for SS/SCI/MATH Level 3 Class. Try the Multiple Choice Quiz (Feb. 19)

Java Quiz: Imagery and More Choose from regular or dynamic at Java Quiz page.  For English 10 (Feb. 10) From Feb. 9 class.

Teacher Writing Sample on Using the Gerund. English 10, (Feb. 10)

Valentine's Day. New links provided at our Holiday Traditions page. (Feb. 7)

Java Quiz Page Try the new dynamic quizzes. Each of our English 10 quizzes is now available in a new version. More interactive and fun! Requires a version 4.0+ Internet Explorer browser (Feb. 6)

Sound and Structure Quiz for Poetry in English 10. See notes at link below to prepare for this quiz. Dynamic Version (Feb. 3)

Labour Market Seminars. These sessions are free and will help you to find a job. Sessions begin on February 9 in Room 187.

Java Quiz on Short Story Elements. New quiz for English 10. Read English 10 Notes first to study for quiz.

Four New Communications 12 Quizzes on Who Has Seen the Wind (Louise, Jan. 29)

English 10 Class Notes for Jan. 26 class. Also, Teacher Writing Sample using the Past Unreal tense. (Jan. 26)

People Find page revised. From this page, you can find people, businesses, phone numbers and more. (Jan. 24)

Sample Topic Sentences Taken from Advanced Composition Class on Jan. 20 (Jan. 23)

Vocabulary. New words from Jan. 21 Level 3 Social Studies reading on Canada. (Jan. 23)

New Science Quiz. Quiz link also at Tazim's Class Page (Jan. 20)

English 10 Class Notes. Notes on composition errors and reactions to the story, The Witch. (Jan. 19)

Social Studies/Science/Math Level 3 New page for students in Brad's classes held on Fridays in Room 280. (Jan. 16)

English 10 Prep Vocabulary Quiz (Jan. 16, Pat's Class)

Grammar 4+ Sample sentences for conjunctions (Jan. 15)

History 12 Page. New link to a very complete list of Quebec and Canadian History resources. (Jan. 10)

English 10 Class Outline. General information on class times and course expectations for students enrolled in this class. (Jan. 9)

English 10 Archive. Find your way to links from the Fall 1999 class. Information on writing, grammar, and the novel (Jan. 9)

Vocabulary Resources. A new page in our table of contents links to many pages of words and idioms collected by our staff and students (Jan. 1)

PALC Java Quizzes A new page links to interactive quizzes. Two quizzes added for Grade 10 English students: a crossword and a matching exercise. Made using Hot Potatoes software from University of Victoria. (Dec. 6)

Weekly Math Tip Multiplication and Division of Fractions. (Dec. 5)







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