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  Tips for Writers by Brad Hyde (October 22, 2007)

Stephen King's 7 Tips for Writers

Stephen King's wonderful book, On Writing, contains much wisdom for the beginning writer. Below is King's advice in short form with my comments in parentheses.


1. Get to the point.
(or your reader will lose patience)

2. Write a draft. Then let it rest.
(Keep it in a drawer for months; when it comes out you'll see it with new eyes.)

3. Cut down your text.
(by a minimum of 10% from first to second draft)

4. Be relatable and honest.
(Keep your characters real; people have both flaws and strengths.)

5. Don't care too much what others may think.
(King faces lots of rejection, especially since he writes about horrible things. It doesn't stop him!)

6. Read a lot.
(Give up on useless TV watching, for example, and replace with a good book.)

7. Write a lot.
(Every day! Tiger Woods, for example, practices a lot!)

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