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Quill PenTips for Writers by Brad

May 25, 2003

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Answering Questions Well

ADVICE: When you answer a question in English class, you should write a full sentence, using part of the question to begin your answer. In this case, the question was, "Why do Vancouver people need to worry about saving water this year?

Also, avoid beginning sentences with "because" as a rule.

FOR EXAMPLE: Vancouver people need to worry (about saving water) . . .
-because this summer there was almost no rain.
-because this year we had less rain.
-because the weather was warmer than last year.
-because the weather was drier this year.
-because the greenhouse effect may be causing the dry and hot weather.


ADVICE: Note the construction using "by + gerund" to answer this question about how people can conserve water around their homes.

FOR EXAMPLE: One way people can conserve is . . .

by washing the dishes by hand (only true if your dishwasher is not full; dishwashers are good with water when less than 10 years old)
by not using the sprinkler on the lawns in summer.
by not taking a bath and instead taking a shower.
by using a smaller toilet tank to flush.
by not washing the car so often and less often in summertime.
by recycling water. For example, when we wash vegetables, we can save this water and use it on our rose bush.
by putting an old water bottle (2 liter) that is full of water (with cap on) into our toilet tanks. This will save 2 liters each time.
by fixing our toilet (or taps) we can save a lot of water. A leaky tap, for example, can waste 300 liters a week.
by using mulch on our garden, the plants will need much less water.


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