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editpaperBreaking the Rules: Avoid "Short Choppy Sentences"?

You may have been told by your teachers to avoid "short and choppy sentences." In this quote, however, notice how Ethel Wilson uses choppy sentences for effect. The sentences mimic two women taking a quick look around a rail car after boarding a train. For even more fun, find the story and read it!

"Even in the confusion of entering the carriage at Salzburg, Mrs. Montrose and her cousin Mrs. Forrester noticed the man with the blue tooth. He occupied a corner beside the window. His wife sat next to him. Next to her sat their daughter of perhaps seventeen. People poured into the train. A look passed between Mrs. Montrose and Mrs. Forrester." —from the story, "We Have to Sit Opposite" by Ethel Wilson.

(December 30, 2003)

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