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  Tips for Writers by Brad Hyde (December 13, 2005; January 10, 2006)

Writing the Thesis for an Essay




Writing a thesis can be tricky, but is considered one of the most important sentences you will write for your essay. Whatever you do, write and revise your thesis as the final step to your finished essay. Revision of the thesis will reward you with higher marks, a better overall structure, and a happier teacher!

To help you, I took a look around on the Internet and found a couple of good summaries.

The first page, at Literacy Education Online: Thesis Statement outlines a series of common mistakes in writing a thesis. Each one is supported by an example sentence showing the error and a revised sentence showing a better thesis statement. This site is suitable for any beginning essay writer.

The second page, at Indiana University Writing Tutorial Services: Thesis Statements gives a longer and more technical discussion. One of their major points is the idea that a thesis should be limited and specific. This site is suitable for more experienced writers who are looking to improve their thesis writing skills. Well worth printing out!

Another page at Seton Hill University, Blueprinting: Planning Your Essay, gives a number of examples of both good and bad theses. Be sure to check out more valuable links on the right and left sides of the page.


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