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  Tips for Writers by Brad Hyde (December 14, 2004))

Five Important Rules of Written Grammar

Especially is an adverb; special is an adjective. For example, Michael was especially good at playing the piano. Because of this, the school awarded him a special prize.


Will you accept my explanation? Yes, except you sometimes don't tell the truth. Be careful with these sound and look alike words. Always recheck the meaning.


Use another with a single item, and never use it with the. For example, One reason I passed was because I studied very hard; another was that I was well rested. Use other with single or plural items and use it often with the. For example: One of my friends went to the movies. The others went to the beach.


He is quick; he is fast. Are these two the same? Quick can mean, acting or capable of acting with speed. Fast can mean, moving or able to move rapidly. Fast applies to motion, quick to action. Thus, he is quick may mean he is good at a task and does it in little time. He is fast applies more to movement or action. Use you dictionary well and learn more!


The semicolon is used between independent clauses not joined by a coordinating conjunction but too closely related to be separated by a period. You may, however, use commas if clauses are short and parallel:
E.g.: I'll talk, you listen.


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