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Quill PenTips for Writers by Brad

June 16, 2002

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What Makes Writing Memorable

It was a pleasure, this past week, to have the chance to read so many student essays and paragraphs (and in the week's previous to read your practice work).

I noticed, as I usually do, that certain pieces of writing were more memorable than others. What, exactly, made those pieces better than the others?

Well, in a word, "voice." Voice is a term used to explain the "personality" of the writer in the writing itself. The more personal, and deeply felt, the more that writing has voice.

So, to those of you who shared your unique voices (and many experiences) I thank you for a most enjoyable test session. The writing this term was the strongest I've seen in my years of teaching at the PALC, so I look forward to next term with great anticipation.

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