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  Tips for Writers by Brad Hyde

Adding Detail after the Object
(the handy appositive phrase)

Adding detail to a sentence is essential in good writing. One good way is to use an appositive phrase at the END of your sentences. 

An appositive phrase is defined as "a word or phrase that identifies in different words a preceding noun or pronoun." Appositives are always preceded by a comma, but do not make a full sentence, only a phrase.

For example: (Appositive is in bold; Noun identified italicized.)

"My friend loved his new red car, a 2004 Mazda Miata." Note how the word "car" is the same as "2004 Mazda Miata." 

"I wondered whether she would like the Valentine's Day flowers, the gorgeous red roses in a hand-cut crystal vase."

"She wouldn't even talk to me, the apologetic man who had forgotten our anniversary.


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