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Over the years I've written quite a few different tips for students who are writing an essay. To make it simpler to find the tips, I've put them all together on this page for your convenience.

More on the Essay Thesis
An additional resource students writing an essay should check for ideas and advice on improving that most important sentence—the thesis. January 10, 2006

Writing Good Essay Introductions and Conclusions
Some important tips to remember when writing your essay's introduction and conclusion. Includes links to samples at our web site. December 6, 2005

Some Thoughts on the Topic Sentence
From a class discussion with the English 10 class, comments on the expectations teachers have for the topic sentences you write. October 2, 2005

What is a "Controlling" Idea?
Want to write the best topic sentences? Learn about the "controlling" idea and you will be on the road to better sentences and ideas for your essays and paragraphs. August 18, 2005

Eight Steps to a Successful Test Essay
An eight step plan for writing a test essay. The tip includes a full sample essay, "The Benefits of Daydreaming" based on a standard essay topic.  May 22, 2005

Student Rules for Topic Sentences (with examples)
Results of a class exercise on topic sentences with the Advanced Composition (daytime class) students.  May 18, 2005

Student Examples of Titles and Introductions
More from the students on essay structure.  February 29, 2005

Student Rules for Writing a Good Essay
Results of a class discussion on six parts of the essay and the rules one should follow for each. There are only five parts listed here. Can you think of a sixth?  February 19, 2005

The Title Rules! (Review and Examples)
The Literature and Composition 4 students have learned how to write good titles. View their work, along with a thorough review of the rules for writing good titles.  May 25, 2004

Questions and Answers about the Essay
A series of student questions about different parts of the essay. Topics discussed include, Paragraph Hooks, Placement of Body Paragraphs, Transition Words and more.April 18, 2004

Do You Know Your Essay Structure?
Brad has written a quiz to help you check! May 19, 2004

On "What" Other Hand?
Brad has some advice on transitions in writing. On the other hand, will he give good advice? Come to read about the use (and misuse) of transitions. May 5, 2004

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