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  Tips for Writers by Brad Hyde (February 14, 2006)

Top Ten Ways to Fix Writing Problems




While researching our current topic, an English 12 student posted a link at Pearson ALC English Students to a wonderful list that should help any student with writing an essay. The instructor, Howard Culbertson, uses amusing titlesó"It is polite to point!"; "So what?" and "Oh yeah, says who?"óbut they nevertheless point to the core problems of student essay writers.

Top Ten Ways to Fix Writing Problems

The comment I really liked on this page, however, was this one from the teacher, Howard Culbertson:

"On his course evaluation form, a student recently wrote: 'Change the professors [sic] attitude toward the neccessity [sic]  of gramer [sic] skills. There seemed top be much more comments about grammer [sic] than need be.' Sadly, that student understood I was concerned about grammar; he just didn't embrace my passion for it. That's clear from the number of errors in his note!" (Note that [sic] means that the errors were present in the original text!)


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