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Quill PenTips for Writers by Brad

September 29, 2002

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Vision: "The Beholder's Eye"

Diane Ackerman invites the reader to look into a mirror and notice that, "You are looking into a predator's eyes." Our eyes are those of an animal that hunts, she explains, and so we are creatures who rely on our eyes a great deal, as she goes on to say, "Seventy percent of our body's sense receptors cluster in the eyes."

Thus, as writers, using words that appeal to the eye is powerful indeed.

These days, in Vancouver, the trees have turned a dusky reddish brown, suffering as they are from our prolonged summer drought. Others are turning autumn shades of red and yellow, getting ready to shed their leaves in the winds swirling around our homes. Inside, our houses bathe in the hazier light of a typical cloud-cast Vancouver sky. We turn on lights more now, and already have begun to miss the summer sunshine.

Use your eyes to look around the world. Then, report on what you see. Your readers will enjoy it, I am sure.

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