Why Write a Math Assessment? Take a Math Course? Upgrade Math Skills?

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During registration, almost all prospective students write short assessment of their English reading and skills, and of their math skills. Regardless the courses one plans to pursue at Centre, assessment of language and math skills very important.

To graduate in the secondary , completing a math 11 course is one the Provincial requirements. The qualifying math 11 we offer include Essentials of Math 11, of Math 11, and Accounting 11.

A student already hold a British Columbia Secondary School Diploma, but perhaps just needs to complete specific math course in order to enter Post-Secondary program at a college, a university, some other training facility.

A student who already attained his or her secondary graduation, wish to complete a secondary school course only some math skills, rather than a -specific course. For example, this student may wish complete at our Centre Chemistry 11 or , Physics 11 or 12, Accounting 11 or , or perhaps Biology 11 or 12. We find that the student needs to upgrade or her math skills before starting the course.

As a student begins upgrading his her language skills, we would likely also concurrently an upgrade level math course even the assessed math skills are fine. Working math vocabulary and reading and solving math -problems will certainly facilitate the development of language .

Our math assessments, just as our English other assessments, are invaluable tools to evaluate student’s current skills and knowledge. The results any assessment written at our Centre will our teachers in assigning students to course that will maximize the probability of student .