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"Double Face" Comprehension Quiz  Multiple choice quiz based on the reading, "Double Face" for Level 4 Literature and Composition.  (Brad; November 15, 2003)

Essay Terms Review Quiz (Louise, March 21, 2003)

Writing Essays  Cloze quiz on important concepts for writing essays. (Pat; December 1, 2002) 

Essay Structure Ten multiple choice questions test your knowledge of essay structure. Includes comments for all answers, right or wrong! (Brad, May 19, 2002) 

The Trout: Comprehension Ten multiple choice questions for the English 10 classes. (Brad, February 4, 2002)

The Process of Writing Paragraphs. Eight multiple choice questions on proper form and structure in paragraphs (October 28, Louise)

Poetry: Sound and More. Fifteen question multiple choice covers many terms in Poetry. (October 6, Brad)

Literary Terms Crossword (English 10)

Match the Literary Terms (English 10)

Poetry: Imagery and More (English 10) 

Poetry: Sound and Structure (English 10) 

Short Story Elements (English 10


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