Left and Right Brain Power
     Scientists describe the brain as having two halves-a left side and a right side. Each half performs special functions. The left side appears to do a better job with some activities; however, the right side is superior with other tasks.
     The left brain works on details, so it is used in reasoning, mathematics, and writing. The right brain is in charge of processing the entire picture instead of separate parts. For example, when you distinguish a person's face, the left half of your brain focuses on separate features such as eye colour, shape of the nose or the presence of glasses. The right side of the brain looks at the whole face for recognition.
     Some people are left brain dominant and are better at work that involves details. Others are right brain dominant and are good at activities such as art, music, and poetry.
     Although people often use one half of the brain more than the other, both sides are important. People need to exercise both halves of the brain as much as possible.