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You may also go directly to quizzes on Grammar, Literature, MathScience, Social Studies and Vocabulary. NOTE: You must have javascript enabled to see the quizzes. All quizzes are self-marking and provide feedback to the student. *Some older quizzes will only work in Internet Explorer.


"Putting Together a Paragraph" What's on Your Shopping List? New scrambled paragraph quiz for Level 4 students. Put the sentences in their correct order. (Paul, March 19, 2003)

4+ Reading Comprehension Practice Ten multiple choice questions test includes a reading (not timed). (Pat, December 8, 2001)

Socials Studies 3 Certificate Test Reading Practice Five question multiple choice for certificate test reading comprehension practice. Includes a timed reading. (Brad, December 4, 2001)

English 3B Reading Practice 1 Five question multiple choice with a time-limited reading for an extra challenge. (Brad, December 1, 2001)

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