Social Studies 5/10 Government Review Quiz 1 at Pearson Adult Learning Centre

Gap-fill exercise

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   1867      1982      cabinet government      Charter      common      constitution      Constitution      crown      democracy      executive      federal      federal      federal government      four      Government      governor general      judicial      laws      legislative      monarchy      municipal      organization      parliamentary government      powers      Prime Minister      provincial      provincial      rights      state      three      Throne   

is the largest industry in Canada. Government is the that controls and directs society toward goals. Canada's government can be described in 5 different ways: , , , and .
Canada's is a set of guidelines for governing a nation. It divides up between the and governments. It sets out ways to make , and tries to guarantee the of citizens. The Act, 1867 was called the British North America Act, before 1982. In 1982, the provinces and the federal governments created the Constitution Act, which includes the of Rights and Freedoms.

The constitution outlines that Canada has levels of government: , and . There are main parts of the federal government: the , the branch, the branch and the branch. The Queen's representative in Canada is called the . The Queen is the head of . The Governor General's job is mostly ceremonial and symbolic. For example, he or she reads the speech, written by the , on the opening day of parliament.