Social Studies 5/10 Government Review Quiz 4 at Pearson Adult Learning Centre

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get a clue. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!

   3      3      75      appointed      At-Large      Bloc Quebecois      Conservatives      distribution      elected      Elections Canada      Enumeration      five      four      Green      Liberals      Liberals      mandate      mayor      NDP      NDP      no confidence      powers      Premier      Prime Minister      Reform      riding      selecting      Senators      taxes      two      two      unincorporated      vote      Ward   

meet independently from the House of Commons. Senators are by the Prime Minister, and must retire at age . A lot of people would like to see Senate which would look at four things: the functions and role of the Senate, the of the Senate, the method of Senators and the of Senate seats.
There are main federal political parties: the , the , the and the . BC's main political parties are the and the . The party is another party in BC. Citizens have important roles in a democracy: to and to pay . An federal or a provincial election is called for main reasons: the year term is nearly over, the government is looking for a from the people about an important issue, or the government has been defeated by a vote of . In federal politics, the chooses the election date, and in provincial politics, the chooses the election date. runs the federal elections. is the process to make sure all eligible voters are on the voters' list. On election day, you vote for the candidate in your or constituency. In contrast, in municipal elections, you may vote for the candidate in your area. This is called the System. If you vote for many candidates from all over the city, then this system is called the System. Municipal elections are held every years in BC. The head of municipal government is called the . Municipal government provides everyday services for us like buses, water, sewage treatment, parks, school boards and street lights. An incorporated municipality has an council, but small towns and villages which are do not have an elected municipal government. The province provides the services to these small places.