Visiting Cancoon

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For this year’s summer vacation, my wife and I with our children decided to travel to Cancun, Mexico.

city of Cancun, part of which is an island, the warm Caribbean Sea that washes on its eastern . Cancun is located on the northeast tip of Mexico’s Peninsula, in southeastern Mexico on the eastern coast of Roo state.

The flight to Cancun was seven hours , covering about 4 400 km south east of Vancouver, Columbia, Canada. We flew for four hours from Vancouver Airport to Dallas, Texas, U.S.A., then a three hour flight to Cancun.

Cancun is a great place to and visit, whether it is for an extended vacation for just a quick getaway. The local people are courteous, and there are many things to do and attractions to see. The beaches are the main draw Cancun, beaches with white soft sand and warm Caribbean waters. One can visit the Cenotes, which are caves which underground rivers flow. There are several large natural in the area, places where you can view and the rich wildlife and plant species native to the . You can also visit the many local markets filled unique Mexican handicrafts. During our stay, we spent most our time at the beach - swimming, snorkeling, reading, sun-tanning.

The local Cancun people were eager to explain particular Mexican roots and heritage. For centuries, the Mexican which now includes Cancun was the heart of the Mayan civilization. In order to learn more about the , we took tours of the ancient Mayan ruins, including famous Mayan Pyramids. In ancient times, the Mayan people one of the world’s most densely populated societies with advanced and vibrant culture. The Mayan civilization is characterized its ancient beautiful art, historical superior architecture, and advanced and mathematical concepts which were far ahead of their .

Visiting Cancun proved to be a very good choice. had a great vacation, enjoyed some of the special , and learned about the local culture.