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    (April 7,2001

The following examples come from various exercises in the Advanced Composition class. The students volunteered sentences for correction and comment. Teacher comments are in italics.


Student Examples:

I always go home after I have finished my game.

It’s fun to play tennis, but not on a rainy day. 
It’s fun to play tennis, but not if it is raining that day. 
Playing tennis is fun, but not on a rainy day.

Start with a gerund noun sometimes. They are easy to make. Just take a verb and add “ing.”

I enjoy skiing whether it is raining or snowing. 
I enjoy skiing, even if it is raining. 
Even if it is raining, I enjoy skiing.

Thinking about the order in which you give information can help you to emphasize what you wish to emphasize.

I run over five kilometers, because I have always had very good stamina.

Try to avoid saying it twice. For example, the original sentence included “long distances over five kilometers,” but most people will understand that five K is long.

When I was a teenager, my parents and I went on safari in East Africa and we saw an elephant standing in the middle of the road.

Using a long sentence to give related details (age, who was with the student, what he was doing, where he was, and what happened) is a useful way to write.

I drifted towards this man, who was entertaining the crowd with his magic tricks and patter while my parents were busy taking pictures.

Using “this” makes the man seem more attractive than just using “a” or “the.” Being a bit more specific by changing “special” to “magic” and adding “patter” improves the sentence.

When I was back home, my brother was riding a bicycle in the middle of a football field and trying to entertain people, but he failed badly.

Don’t be afraid to include lots of details in the same sentence and remember that the final position, which in this case is “but he failed badly” is a very powerful one for emphasis. Now we are very interested in the next sentence.


More Student Writing:

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