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    (October 28, 2002 )


Sally wrote this story in response to an English 10 Assignment on writing a folktale. An amusing, and cautionary, tale for any man thinking of trying to fool his girlfriend!


The Sharp Girlfriend

Yang had been dating his girlfriend, Lily, for years.

Now, he did still love his girlfriend, but he wished to reserve his own private space instead of exposing all of himself to his girlfriend. And his girlfriend, who was a sharp girl, was recently aware that he had kept her at arm’s length.

One day, Yang was absent-mindedly dating with his girlfriend in McDonald’s.

Eating her hamburger, the girlfriend fixed her eyes on Yang’s. “I have discovered that you are really dishonest,” said the girl.

Yang pretended to be composed and started glancing around furtively.

 “Are you talking about the bearded man beside me or the short man with a copper nose behind me?” asked Yang mystically.

“It’s none of any other person’s business. I’m just talking about you!” answered the girl angrily, chewing the last bite of her hamburger.

“Me? ____” Yang choked on his words, “What’s happening to me?”

“You are NOT honest, nor is anyone else in your gang,” said the girl seriously.

“I think you misunderstand my friends. As you know we all like to chat about things of nonsense. Don’t bother with those,” Yang remained calm.

“Stop playing with me again! Your gang are all liars. The lies rush out without being thought as soon as you guys open your mouths. But the worst thing is that you always consider I’m a simple girl to believe your lies,” the girl screamed.

“W-h-a-t’s going on here?” asked Yang. “It has been planned that we go to eat a nice and delicious French meal for dinner today, but____ Well, it’s my fault, my fault.”

Yang was a little confused and thought that his girlfriend must have something wrong with her. He realized that it was better for him to make an apology to her as soon as possible despite the fact that he did not really know what kind of fault in the world he had made so far.

“Where is your cell phone? Let me have it for a while,” said the girl with a bit of impatience, stretching out her hand.

Yang passed his phone as quickly as he could, wondering what she would do.

Putting the cell phone on the table near her, the girl took out one of her own and began to dial a phone number.

“Hello, is it Wen? I’m lily. How are you?” the girl spoke to Wen on the phone, simpering.

Wen had been a special closest and best friend of Yang’s since their childhood. They often got together doing things they desired to. At this moment, Yang was puzzled about why his girlfriend would call his best friend unexpectedly.

“Lily! I’m fine. How about you? Is there anything I can help you with?” Wen answered.

“Wen, I’m looking for Yang for an important matter. Is he with you?” Lily asked.

“Yes, of course! We are presently talking over some business. Hold on please, he is in the bathroom now I’ll ask him to come out.” Wen replied and pretended to shout loudly, “Hey! Yang, Lily wants to speak to you____.” After a brief silence, the voice continued, “Lily, I’m so sorry that he still needs 5 more minutes. Or, I’ll tell him to call you back when he comes out.”

“Ok, please ask Yang to call me back when he comes out of the bathroom. Thank you, Wen.” Lily smiled simperingly all the time when having the phone conversation with Wen.

Sitting face to face with her, Yang started sweating on his forehead. 10 seconds later, Yang’s cell phone on the table suddenly rang. Yang sweated more and more droplets flowing down his face. Lily happily watched Yang’s embarrassment and pressed the answer key.

A voice of Wen came out from Yang’s cell phone: “Yang, Yang, it is good you have turned on the cell phone, where have you been? Lily just called me to look for you. I lied to her that you were in the bathroom of my house. How is that? That is what a best friend is for. You’d better be in a hurry to call Lily back, don’t forget to say you are still in my house ___.”


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