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Student Writing  November 25, 2003
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Vera wrote this paragraph as an assignment for Advanced Composition. In it, she shows us what she has observed about Canadians from the perspective of a recent immigrant from China.

Canadians in My Eyes

     Iíve been in Canada for five months and Iíve been unwittingly observing Canadians around me all the time. I found they are different from us Chinese in many ways. Herewith are some ways they are different. Canadians tend to be close to nature. They love camping instead of staying in the cozy home. They enjoy basking in the sun instead of protecting themselves under umbrellas. They love swimming and diving and donít care about danger or cold water. Canadians tend to trust and help others. They hardly keep an eye on students when they are writing tests. They talk to people they have just met in bus stations. Once, I boarded on a bus with plants and flowers, and many people helped me carrying these items. Canadians speak loudly. I often hear teenagers talking, laughing loudly in buses, the aisles of school, even in libraries. They donít pay attention to the people around them. Canadians love reading. Itís quite often to see people read novels in buses and they donít worry about their eyes. Canadians are also kind of conservative in my eyes. They seem to rather keep a stable life than to take risk to change. Although I only have limited contacts with Canadians and what I perceived may be not true, Iím happy to be here for I have chance to understand Canadiansí culture as time goes on.









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