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    (November 22, 2004)


Student WritingGrace writes a process essay explaining how a student can prepare well for writing an in-class Certificate Test essay.

Facing New Challenges
by Grace

      As educated adults, we have gone through so many exams for years. Writing a test essay is something new. In order to face this new challenge, we need to prepare ourselves well before the essay exam. Stationery, good meals and a positive attitude are all important.

     First of all, we have to prepare suitable stationery. I suggest we use pencils rather than pens since we might need to change or correct ourselves during the writing. Pencils are much easier to amend something and they could still make the sheet neat and clean with the help of an eraser. Sharpen several pencils and carry them all to the test room in case one gets dull after writing too much and another one gets broken accidentally. With sharpened pencils and an eraser, we will have a good start for the exam.

     Besides the preparation for the hands or fingers, we still need to prepare well for our stomach and our brain - the meals before the exam. If the exam is in the morning, our focus is the breakfast, which is quite easy to be skipped in a hurry. As a result, we donít have enough energy to go through the stressful test hours, not to say it will harm our health. On the other hand, it is not a good idea to eat too much or to eat something our stomach is unfamiliar with. We wonít get the job done well if our stomach feels uncomfortable. Just have a healthy routine meal before the exam.

     Last but the most important is the preparation of our mind. Be calm and be confident. We have to confess we are all nervous when we face some new challenge. In order to reduce the stress, we need to practice enough before the exam. We need not only the practice of writing a whole essay at one time, but also getting familiar with the structure, and even the estimation of our written words. Like driving, we donít have to think if we encounter a red light. We will stop automatically. Such a skill comes from practice, too. Only with the confidence can we achieve a good result.

            Pencils, comfortable bodies, and calm minds are what we need to carry into the test room for an essay exam. Life is challenging. Our old experiences were new challenges before and we overcame and confronted them well. There is no exception.

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