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  Students' Favourite ALC Activities

At this time of year, teachers ask their students to evaluate our program. This term, I decided to ask some of my students to write about their three favourite activities at the ALC in a short paragraph. Their responses were varied and interesting. (Brad)


Student Comments:

"I really enjoyed group discussions" and "met many new people, and listening to their different ideas, thoughts and opinions was very interesting."

"Reading in class is my favourite. When we read aloud, teachers knew some of the words are being pronounced incorrectly . . . . If they corrected the errors immediately, it was beneficial for us."

"I enjoyed practicing grammar on computers at Room 184. It gave me the knowledge on how to understand and communicate with other people easily."

"I had never learned Math in Canada. Solving the word problems was very useful."

". . . the teacher was an energetic person. She gave us a quiz each week, so we could remember the words we learned and use them."

"Its nice to study together with your classmates. Everyone has something to contribute."

"The website of our school has quizzes for every level. I learned about my school and my teachers from the website."

"First, discussions in the classes is my favourite time in the room because I can enjoy many classmates' ideas, emotions and feelings. I would get more understanding of the context."

"Discussing a topic is a good activity. First of all, gathering three or four persons gives us the feeling of closeness, and the activity is a great opportunity to listen to opinions from others."

"When we are discussing, a teacher helps us. It's also a good activity. He or she corrects our answers. In addition, the teacher can know a student's abilities naturally by listening."




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