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    (January 2, 2005)


Xiao Hong's descriptive paragraph communicates to us the charming simplicity of a small apartment.

 My Apartment
by Xiao Hong

     I love my apartment because it is simple. I have been living in this small apartment for almost five years since I immigrated here. Even though my apartment is small—only one bedroom—I love it very much. It is warm, relaxing and safe. Everyday, after hard work, I sit on the sofa and have a cup of tea, so I feel relaxed and comfy. I feel just like a ship after a big storm in the sea now moored at the harbour. It’s safe. My apartment is about 600 square feet with one dining room, one washroom, one bedroom and a kitchen. Our home is really simple. In the bedroom, there are two beds and two bedside tables. In the living room, there are two sofas in two corners, and in one corner are my daughter’s toys. In the other one is a computer and TV. Also, we have a rocking chair close to the balcony which is my favourite spot. In the kitchen, there is a dinette set close by. Although my apartment is small and simple, I like it the way it is.

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