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    (October 7, 2006)


Susan's paragraph gives us a wonderful description of an unusual man who visits her store every morning.

An Unusual Man

     The first customer who comes to my store is an unusual man. Every morning, when I unlock the door and hang up the "OPEN" sign I always see through the glass window a man, about fifty years old and wearing a blue coat, waiting outside the store. I open the door and greet him. After he enters the store, quickly, he goes directly to the food section. He is tall and large-boned, almost bald, but he wears the rest of his yellow and white hair in braids down his back. The braids almost touch his waist. Rapidly, he picks up one 250 gram roll of biscuits and comes toward the cashier counter. Each time, he buys the same biscuits. They are the cheapest biscuits in our store, sold for only forty-nine cents. He always gives me two quarters. When I take the money, I feel the two coins are warm. I guess maybe he holds the money for a long time in his hand. I return one cent change back to his right hand. It's a huge thick hand, dirty with mud. He takes the money and biscuits and leaves the store quickly He is really an unusual man.

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