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failureAli's paragraph argues strongly that failure is "a better teacher than success." Do you agree?

Failure: A Better Teacher than Success

     Failure is definitely a better teacher than success, provided we learn from our failures and, in the meantime, do not lose our strong will. None of the great achievements during the course of human history were made on the first try. There were certainly many failed attempts by which a great deal of knowledge was learned and made ready to use on later tries. Thomas Edison once said, "It is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." I think nobody has put it better. Said by one of the greatest inventors of all time, it could not be more true: failure in a sense makes perfection. What Edison refers to as perspiration is actually failure. To put it simply, he failed ninety-nine times before he succeeded on his hundredth attempt. One should not forget that failure can also be destructive if it causes us to lose our spirit. So, after all, is failure better than success? Definitely not. Of course, success is the final aim in all aspects of life. The point is that failure is a better teacher than success and we can not learn from success as much as we could possibly learn from.

(September 18, 2006)


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