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compareStudents in Writing 12 have been working on writing similes in various forms. For more information on similes, visit Learn from the Greeks: Simile

In the following similes, students attempt an unusual comparison that has an element of surprise.

I see flowers, but they look like colourful crowds of people, swaying in the breeze.

I see an old man, but he looks like a statue, sitting on a bench.

I see a frog, but it looks like a stone, shining in the sun.

The following similes used the stem, "The soul in the body is like . . ."

The soul in the body is like a prisoner ready to escape.

The soul in the body is like a pump in a machine.

The soul in the body is like a babe in the womb.

The soul in the body is like letter in an envelope.

The soul in the body is like the popcorn in a movie theater.

The soul in the body is like a hidden gem with many facets.

The soul in the body is like evil fighting with an angel.

The soul in the body is like a cloud floating in the sky.

The soul in the body is like a pebble in a well.

The soul in the body is like a butterfly in a rose garden.

Here students tried using a construction with "as":

He remained true to his lady love, as the knights of the round table were steadfast in their devotion to King Arthur.

She avoided homework, as Romans would the plague.

They waited for the landing paper, as a baby thirsts for the milk.

His heart stands, as broken as the window he shattered.

Here are some fancier similes that only imply the use of "like" or "as":

The grass bends with every wind; so does Harvey.

Vancouver weather changes quickly; so does her mood.

My brother lies like a sidewalk; so does my sister.

Her mind flies to Korea every day; so does an airplane.

Airplanes fly to Korea every day; so does my heart.

Venus is a fixed mark for travellers; so is her love for him.

Here are similes that require a further explanation (as in distinctio, a Greek rhetorical technique)

Money is like ice; it chills the heart of those who keep too much of it.

 A heart is like an envelope, not good unless opened.

Perfection is like the horizon: impossible, finally, ever to reach.

Illusion is like a sand castle; easily made and easily destroyed.

Illusion is like a piece of wax; it melts before the reality.

Illusion is like a pizza: gone before you know it.

Love is like a poison (an addiction; a drug), not good unless you can control it.


(December 3, 2006)

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