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    (April 15,2000

Here is Jin's piece, which shows a change in her mood as the result of meeting someone. This is a response to an English 10 assignment.

 It was last spring when my son and I first landed in the United States. When we were the first person waiting for checking our luggage in the LA Airport, a security officer regarded us as cutting in and rudely made us to go to the very end of the line, just because I stood on the short white line, and my son played before it. This impression made me sad. During the first weeks at home, which was in San Antonio, Texas, I was so closed to the outside world that I even avoided to talk to our landlord who has small business at home. 

     Two weeks after that, one Saturday morning, my landlord took my son and I to the McDonald's Restaurant which was far from our home, then she went away. My son enjoyed the playground so much that it was difficult to make him go shopping with me. After we bought three heavy bags of food, we waited at a bus stop for about half an hour. But no bus came, and then I suddenly realized that there was probably no bus on Saturday. We had to walk back home and I didn't even know the right way. It was so hot under the sun, and there were no people like us walking along the road. I asked several persons who were in stores or gas stations, but no one knew about the bus schedule. I gave up asking, and just walked by instinct, until my little son sat on the ground and didn't want to move anymore. 

     I held the last hope to find someone for help. I saw a middle-aged lady whose yard had several workers planting grass. I went to her, "Could you please tell me how we can get to Shavano Park?" 
     "I'm sorry I don't know, but I can take you there." She looked at our red sweaty faces and the three bags. I couldn't believe my ears, and I asked again. 

     "I can take you home if you like." she repeated. It took a long time to arrive at my home, because all of us didn't know the way. The next morning I became a volunteer clerk in my landlord's office, and my son as well. Meanwhile, I began to learn to drive.

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