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    (July 5,2000

Sue wrote this piece in response to an Advanced Composition class held this June. In it, she captures the feeling of a favourite song.


The Magic Power of Music

     My favourite Farsi song,” I am Happiness, Happiness is Me” takes me away from the earth. When I listen to my favourite piece of music I let it fill my ears, and through my blood, I let it catch my heart. It warms my heart and stops my mind. I float, leave my body, and I become a soul: no weight to carry, no memory to think of, no pain to be hurt by. I become a bird, no longer in cage; light to jump, quick to run, free to fly. Up in the sky, I hear only one sound: ” I am happiness, happiness is me, let the earth be jealous of me, for he is in love with me, he looks after me and he cares a lot about me.” And I hear again,” I am happiness, happiness is me.” After the music ends, I feel I am back to Earth, yet with a peaceful heart, and still without weight.


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